Informant's channel

What is the channel and what is it for?

MINTUR's internal information system as well as its strategy, are a response to the legal obligations under Law 2/2023, of 20 February, on regulatory protections of persons who report regulatory violations and the fight against corruption and gives effect to the Resolution of the Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism of 13 June 2023, approving its enactment.

This is a secure channel that allows any natural person or public servant to communicate information, anonymously or otherwise, in writing or verbally, regarding actions and omissions committed in an employment or professional context that may constitute infringements of European Union law, under the provisions of Article 2 of Law 2/2023 of 20 February.

This channel incorporates mechanisms that guarantee, at all times, the confidentiality and privacy of communications and offers a secure space for communication between MINTUR and informants. It also preserves the identity of the person making the communication, as well as that of any third party mentioned therein.

Operating Conditions

After sending your communication, MINTUR's internal information system will register it and provide you with a user name and password with which you may consult, at any time, the its processing status, as well as provide new information, being the informant's responsibility to keep it with the appropriate security precautions. Failure to respond to requests for information made through this channel could result in proceedings being filed.

In addition, while drafting the communication, it is recommended that the following aspects be taken into account:

  • Describe the facts or conduct in as detailed, accurate and objective a manner as possible.
  • Reference the time period of the events to assist in the investigation.
  • Provide all available documentation or objective evidence about the situation being reported.
  • Communications based on personal opinions that are not sufficiently corroborated, those that are notoriously false or that do not fall within the scope of application set forth in Article 2 of Law 2/2023, of 20 February, shall not be admitted.

Anonymous Communications

In the formulation of the communication, the informant may provide his or her identification and contact information or, if he or she prefers, may also submit a communication anonymously, by indicating this preference.

Access to the MINTUR's Informant Channel

Electronic Access

To send or check the status of a communication you can do so through the MINTUR's Informant Channel.

You can also download and consult in this User's Manual the steps to follow to send a communication.

Telephone Access

It is also possible to call the telephone number 900 876 601 free of charge.

Postal Access

You can send written communications by mail marking the following address: Pº Castellana nº 160, 5ª floor, office 558.