A complaints box

The Order HFP/1030/2021 of 29 september, which set the system for managing recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience, establishes in article 6 of the need to strengthen prevention, detection and correction of fraud, corruption and conflict of interest. In order to respond to those requests and, in accordance with the Plan of Measures Against Fraud of the ministry of Industry and tourism adopted by resolution of the Under-secretary of 18 april 2002, created a channel for specific complaints and sure participation on the need to provide an appropriate way to lodge complaints, incorporating mechanisms that ensure the confidentiality of all the information.

Through the mailbox, those employees, both public and private individuals who might have information on actions that could be regarded as irregular or constituting fraud in connection with projects and operations funded by the mechanism for the recovery and resilience, may file a complaint and to make them aware of the administration to take the necessary measures for the investigation and verification, or for them, and, if necessary the handling of the legally established procedures for the purpose of requiring the responsibilities that in each case are derived.

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