The past 8 february 2002, the council of ministers adopted the strategic project for the recovery and economic transformation (PERTE) in the food and agriculture sector in order to provide financing and lines of action to undertake environmental changes, digital, social and economic problems to face in the next decade.

The PERTE, which has managed by the ministries of agriculture, fisheries and food; for industry and tourism; economic and Digital Transformation; as well as Science and innovation, it aims to foster the transformation of the food chain and promote the modernization and digitization of the sector, its economic growth and territorial cohesion.

This PERTE a public investment of about eur 1 billion until 2023. It is anticipated impact of departure in the economy of some eur 3 billion, benefiting an estimated a net addition of up to 16,000 jobs. This amount will be necessary to add the positive effects on the economy resulting from the creation of new models and business opportunities, the new job opportunities generated by the actions linked to the LOSS, as well as the savings generated in the productive fabric, domestic economies and public budgets.