PERTE para la industria Naval

On 15 march 2002 was adopted by the council of ministers on strategic project for the recovery and Economic Transformation (LOSS) for the shipbuilding industry, a project based on collaboration público-privada and focused on the transformation of its value chain through diversification towards marine renewable energies and ships, low digitizing, improving their environmental sustainability and employee training.

The development of this project envisages a total investment of $1.46 billion and employed a contribution of the public sector eur 310 million and a private investment of 1,150 million euros. The Naval L will help to modernise the sector in spain, increasing their competitiveness in about 15 per cent and achieving an annual growth rate of 9 per cent for the sector. It Is expected to contribute to the creation of approximately 3,100 quality jobs, mainly in peripheral regions, thereby contributing to the demographic challenge.

Objectives of Naval LOSS

It is conceived as a comprehensive initiative on the transformation of the value chain of the shipbuilding industry which will be accomplished through diversification, digitization and sustainability, with the following objectives:

  • Maintaining the input of this sector industrial sovereignty;
  • Diversify the activity towards marine renewable energies;
  • Scan the value chain;
  • Increasing environmental sustainability, and
  • Improving the training and training of employees.

Achieving the objectives of the LOSS shall:

  • The collaboration of different industrial sectors which will transform the value chain industrial sector, diversifying production towards marine renewable energies and ships...
  • The deepening the digitalization and sustainability of the sector, improving energy efficiency.
  • The modernization of its industrial fabric, creating and consolidating quality employment.
  • Improving their competitiveness in international markets.