Stabilization of temporary employment

INFORMATION NOTE ESTABILIZACION MINTUR PROCESSES In relation to theapplications for certificates of "having overcome one or more exercises of the selective processes to access at the same level of professional classification"academic for credits in the selective processes of stabilization, communicate to the authority to issue these certificates isthe management body of the selective process covered by the exercises overcome.It is not up to any unit of the General directorate of Public Service processing and issuance of such certificates since the management of the selective processes is vested in the ministries or agencies, in particular, its hr units.


After the deadline for submission of requests, the convening authority issues a ruling within one month, declaring adopted the list of persons admitted and excluded, although a period of ten working days to remedy the defect in the exclusion or omission and determine the deadline for submission of supporting documentation submitted to the merits.

Over this period, in the event of changes have occurred, they will be presented at the same places where they were the original relations.

Persons admitted applicants will definitely within 20 working days to submit supporting documentation of the merits wishing to valued in competition phase, in the form that is needed.