Opening hours at the library during the summer months is 9-14:30 h. The library will be closed from 7 to 23 august inclusive.


MINTUR library.

General information
The Library of the ministry of industry and tourism is a state ownership and management of Department, which provides its services since 1982. Today it is attached to the sub-department Policy Development, reports and publications of the under secretary. Part of:

Information brochure [PDF] [511.62 kB]

Information brochure [PDF] [512 Kb]
The library collection is specialized in the main areas of management of the department to which it belongs; Has books, magazines, and reports both in using paper and electronic media. It also has a collection of reference works and direct access in room, and databases of legislation, jurisprudence and information económico-empresarial. The fund of the library is composed of the collections of the high council of industry, including works of the 19th and 20th centuries (in many cases, Only copies) and the collection from the library of the former General Directorate of craft and Decorative arts.
The Library provides the following services and online:
  • Personal loan. The service is available for staff of the complex Cuzco. To use this service, it is only necessary to count on virtual card go directly the library. The loan period is 30 days, renewable for a further 15 days unless a reservation by another user.
  • Interlibrary loan. This service allows users of the library of MINTUR consult documents available in other libraries. These files will be subject to the rules of borrowing that submit libraries.
  • Collection specialising in free access. The specialized collection is located in the consultation room and consists of books and journals related to the areas of authority of the ministry. The book collection consists of more than 700 copies on public administration, commerce, law, Economics, business, Energy and environment, industry, technology and tourism. The collection of specialized magazines, for its part, is composed of approximately 30 titles including edited by the ministry and other national and international levels.
  • Consultation in the reading room. The reading room has twelve seats for consultation and wifi internet access through the two computers available in the room or the electronic devices available to the user (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
  • Access to journals and databases are subscribed to by the library. The Library subscribes to a large number of specialized magazines and online, as well as databases related to the areas of activity of the ministry. Please refer to the list ofjournalsanddatabasesfor more resources available.
  • Online bibliographic catalogueprovides access to documents which form the library collection. It is possible to search for different fields (author, title, subject, publication date, etc.) and also order the results on the basis of criteria such as the date of publication or document type.
  • News bulletin bibliographical and summaries of magazines. The newsletter contains bibliographic the relationship of publications in the library collection in the past three months. Apart from books and magazines, are also enshrined journal articles which, by its particular relevance, it was presented to you that the most comprehensive information on the content of publications. The newsletter of files, for its part, reflects the relationship of magazines in using paper received over the past three months, as well as the corresponding files. If you wish to receive an email information each time we publish a new bulletin, subscribe toAlerts service.
  • Biographical information. Either in person or remotely (emailor telephone), it may request to the library bibliographic information on topics of interest. The Library will carry out the relevant consultations to own and external sources to provide the greatest possible number of references.
  • Donations of library collectionsYou can ask the purchase or subscription of new books or magazines, respectively, to transfer ae-mail to the library.
  • Wifi. The Library offers free wi-fi internet access from computers available in the consultation room or the electronic devices available to users.
Practical data
Access and schedulesAccess to the library of the ministry of industry and tourism is unrestricted and free upon presentation of your id, passport or driving licence. Business hours of citizen attention: monday to friday, 9-14:30 hours.

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