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  • Industry | 2/22/2024

    Industry awards the first 10 tractor projects of line B of the PERTE VEC II with nearly €170 M.

    The ten projects provisionally awarded in this first resolution are those of JEMA ENERGY, BASQUEVOLT, IRIZAR, NISSAN, MERCEDES-BENZ, MASATS, MUGAPE, EDSCHA BURGOS and AUTOTECH. In the coming weeks, the rest of the applications submitted in this PERTE VEC II B call will continue to be evaluated until the envelope foreseen is exhausted. Jordi Hereu: "We’re in an important process of transformation of the automotive industry in Spain. We’re the second largest producer in Europe and we want to continue to lead this industry with the electric car.

  • Tourism | 2/22/2024

    Hereu: The new UN TOURISM headquarters is an example of Spain's commitment to lead the transformation of tourism.

    The UN TOURISM building, which will occupy a space adjacent to the Palacio de Congresos and will be completed in the first half of 2025, will be a functional headquarters, with an excellent location next to the financial centre and the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.Hereu highlights Spain's global dimension as a tourist destination and the boom in long-haul markets, which place us at the head of the preferences of countries such as the USA, which are characterised by long stays and higher spending.The Minister of Industry and Tourism visits the works accompanied by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rosana Morillo, the Director General of Turespaña, Miguel Sanz, and the Secretary General of UN TOURISM, Zurab Pololikashvili.

  • Tourism | 2/20/2024

    Secretary of State Rosana Morillo participates in the informal meeting of European Union tourism ministers

    Rosana Morillo proposes a specific EU budget for tourism policy, as well as the creation of the European Tourism Agency and the European Sustainable Tourism Observatory.The Secretary of State expressed her hope that this meeting would be "an opportunity to continue working for a more sustainable and competitive tourism for all Member States”.

  • Tourism | 2/19/2024

    Jordi Hereu highlights the role of the hotel and catering industry in the future of a more sustainable and digital tourism

    The Ministry of Industry and Tourism considers gastronomy a strategic priority, not only for its enormous value as a tourist attraction, but also for its capacity to combat depopulation of the territory.Hereu reviewed the different lines of aid launched by the Ministry to support the sector, such as the National Plan for Food and Wine Tourism 2022-2023, with 51.4 million euros; the Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destinations, which has mobilised 1,800 million euros; and the training plan in digital skills for workers in the sector, which has distributed 54 million euros.

  • Industry | 2/16/2024

    Industry has granted more than 110 million euros in PERTE aid to the industrial sector in Navarre.

    The Minister Jordi Hereu expresses the government's desire to continue supporting the industrial sector in Navarre through the PERTE and other lines of aid.Navarre's automotive companies have received 85.2 million from the PERTE VEC, while aid from the PERTE agri-food sector totals 16.8 million and 8.4 million from the Naval sector.

  • Industry | 2/16/2024

    Industry and UNESID share their commitment to a decarbonised, sustainable steel industry

    Jordi Hereu has offered the government's collaboration with the sector to advance in the transformation process of the iron and steel industry, which is strategic for the reindustrialisation of Spain.Spain has 22 plants that produce more than 14.5 million tonnes of steel and recycle more than 10 million tonnes of scrap per year.

  • Tourism | 2/16/2024

    Tourism employment increases 4.8% in January compared to the same month in 2023

    Social Security contributors in the tourism sector exceeded 2.5 million and accounted for 12.3% of the total number of contributors in the national economy.The number of salaried workers in the tourism sector increased by 5.7% in January compared to a year ago.

  • Industry | 2/14/2024

    Jordi Hereu believes that Barcelona is well positioned to become one of the touchstones of new industry in Spain

    The minister of industry and tourism has recognised the importance of having such centres for the development of this new industry, as well as achieving one of our priority aims for the Government, which is reindustrialisation

  • Industry | 2/9/2024

    The government has spent €1.7 billion on industrial policy in Galicia in the last five years.

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism invites entrepreneurs to go hand in hand with the government in the process of transforming Galician industry. Of the PERTEs announced by Industry, Galicia has obtained 108 million euros, which have reached 212 Galician companies in 89 projects.

  • Tourism | 2/8/2024

    The workers employed in the tourism sector have increased by 2.3% compared to a year ago, surpassing 2.6 million.

    The salaried employees in the tourism sector with permanent contracts (83.5%) have increased by 6.2%, marking the tenth consecutive rise.The temporary employment rate in the sector was 16.5%, a figure lower than that of the same period of the previous year, which stood at 18.6%.The unemployment rate in the sector stood at 11.3% in this fourth quarter of 2023, 0.2% lower than the same quarter of the year 2022.The employed individuals associated with activities related to tourism represent 12.6% of the total employment in the Spanish economy.Jordi Hereu said: "The tourism industry is not only growing quantitatively, but also qualitatively, with better jobs linked to the sector, lower temporary employment rates, and a higher number of salaried employees with permanent contracts."

  • Industry | 2/5/2024

    Jordi Hereu announces that more than 100 applications have already been submitted for the first call of the PERTE decarbonisation programme.

    The minister called for Europe and Spain to take advantage of the opportunity to move towards a zero net emissions industry and for Europe and Spain to lead this great transformation. Hereu stressed that the Zero Net Emissions Regulation incorporates incentives to improve Europe's industrial competitiveness and offers more certainty for investments in clean technologies.


  • Industry | 2/5/2024

    Hereu conveys to CECOT the government's willingness to intensify dialogue to address the challenge of reindustrialization.

    Today, the minister visited the headquarters of CECOT in Catalonia, where he emphasized the fundamental role of the industry for the government and announced a joint working agenda to address the industrial challenges of the coming years. Hereu referred to the climate crisis by the drought that affects Catalonia: “it’s time to join forces and appeal to the responsibility of all to establish medium-term strategies to neutralize potential future crises.” Minister Hereu has advocated for the future Industry Act that the government is preparing as a tool that will provide better instruments to solve industrial crises.

  • Industry | 2/2/2024

    Jordi Hereu offers his collaboration to Conseller Roger Torrent to support the transformation and expansion of the industrial fabric in Catalonia.

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism has conveyed his interest to the Conseller in maintaining collaboration to ensure that the Catalan industry continues to be an economic driving force throughout Spain. The meeting reviewed various programs of assistance and funding for industry and tourism, such as the PERTE. The Minister has shared with the Conseller the final 2023 tourism figures, with tourist spending exceeding £20.8 billion in Catalonia as a whole.

  • Tourism | 2/2/2024

    International tourist arrivals to Spain in 2023 exceed forecasts and reach 85 million for the first time

    Tourist spending last year was 24.7% higher than in 2022 and 18.2% higher than in the pre-pandemic year of 2019. Total spending in 2023 amounted to €108.662 billion. Total spending in 2023 amounted to €108.662 billion. International tourist arrivals in 2023 grew to 85,056,528, 18.7% more than in 2022 and 1.9% above 2019, a record year and the pre-pandemic benchmark to date. At the head of the countries with the highest growth in 2023 is the USA, whose nationals visiting Spain have increased by 38.7% over 2022 and by 16.9% over 2019. Jordi Hereu: "The official closing figures for 2023 even improve on the projection we announced at FITUR a few days ago: tourist arrivals and spending at the destination are at record highs, an extraordinary starting point to continue working and improving the quality of our tourism industry in 2024".

  • Industry | 1/31/2024

    Jordi Hereu Positions the Defense Industry as a Vital Element for Spain's Security and Reindustrialisation

    The defense industry saw a 4.6% increase in its revenue in 2022, generating over 200,000 high-skilled technical jobs. An industry that allocated more than 12% of its revenue to R&D and exported 50% of its products and services. Over the past few decades, the government has provided over €19.19 billion in financing for key modernisation programmes in the defense industry, such as frigates, submarines, and armored vehicles.

  • Tourism | 1/31/2024

    Scheduled International Flight Seats for February Reach 7.2 Million, a 16.4% Increase Compared to Last Year

    Comparing the February seat forecasts with data from the equivalent date in 2023, the main source markets continue to show strong performance: United Kingdom (+12.4%), Germany (+14.8%), and Italy (+22.7%). Jordi Hereu: "This is an excellent forecast, in line with a year that, according to our projections, will continue to set records in both arrivals and, especially, spending, contributing to the enhancement of the quality of our destinations."

  • The Ministry | 1/29/2024

    Jordi Hereu Presents a Comprehensive Pact for the Reindustrialisation of Spain and the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism

    There will be a PERTE VEC III, endowed with €300 million, and a PERTE VEC IV, with €1.25 billion. Hereu announces that this year, aid for compensations for CO2 emissions to electro-intensive industries will be increased to €300 million. The minister announces the transformation of ENISA into a public business entity to make it the leading agency for Spanish industrial policy. Jordi Hereu advances that the Industry Law is currently being processed and will provide new instruments for industrial policy, such as Projects of National Strategic Interest, a digital one-stop shop, or a State Industrial Policy Council. For the government, the future model for tourism in Spain revolves around higher quality, seasonality reduction, diversification, and skilled employment in the tourism sector. Turespaña's goal for this year is to increase the visibility of the Spanish tourism brand in those source markets with higher spending capacity.

  • Industry | 1/26/2024

    Jordi Hereu discusses his industrial projects in Spain with the President of Renault

    Hereu expressed his support for the Renault Group's industrial projects in Spain and underlined the Government's commitment to the industrial transition to the electric car and to strengthening the automotive industry in our country. The Ministry of Industry and Tourism has made available to the automotive sector all the financing instruments available to it, especially PERTE VEC III, which is expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year.

  • Tourism | 1/26/2024

    Minister Jordi Hereu strengthens tourism ties with Latin America at FITUR 2024

    Hereu has highlighted the value of these meetings for exchanging experiences and tourism policies with markets that are on the rise and which are a fundamental growth niche in the coming years. Jordi Hereu: "Spain is a preferential partner for sister countries on the other side of the Atlantic, a model to follow in modernisation and policies aimed at transforming tourism". Throughout the three days of the fair, the ministry has held more than 20 bilateral meetings with countries at FITUR 2024.

  • Industry | 1/24/2024

    Industry opens the window to apply for aid under line 1 of PERTE for industrial decarbonization today

    Jordi Hereu: "This programme reflects the Government's significant commitment to a greener and more resilient industrial future, highlighting the importance of decarbonisation as a central element in Spain's economic and environmental agenda". The first announcement of line 1 of this PERTE is endowed with 500 million euros in loans and another 500 million euros in grants.

  • Tourism | 1/23/2024

    Hereu points out that the commitment to quality must be the objective of the tourism industry

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism has congratulated the tourism sector for its "capacity for resilience and for having fulfilled all the expectations of recovery after the pandemic and the war". Hereu has launched a double message of optimism for 2024 and ambition for the future: "We must not be satisfied, we have many challenges ahead of us until we reach social, economic and environmental sustainability." Hereu has launched a double message of optimism for 2024 and ambition for the future. The 12th Tourism Leadership Forum, organised by Exceltur on the eve of FITUR, this year focused on the promotion of more socially and environmentally responsible tourism.

  • Tourism | 1/22/2024

    Hereu meets with Ryanair and Jet2 to discuss strengthening connectivity as well as their investment and sustainability plans

    Hereu: "Strengthening connectivity with Spain is key to boosting the transformation of the sector and the diversification of destinations" Hereu: "Strengthening connectivity with Spain is key to boosting the transformation of the sector and the diversification of destinations. Ryanair presents the airline's 5 billion euro investment plan in Spain to the minister Hereu: "Strengthening connectivity with Spain is key to boosting the transformation of the sector and diversifying destinations" International tourist spending will grow by 18.5%, compared to the same period in 2023, according to forecasts by Turespaña

  • Tourism | 1/22/2024

    Jordi Hereu encourages the continuous building up of an increasingly sustainable and competitive tourism model

    Hereu assures that tourism must be an engine of social transformation that generates wealth and qualified employment. The minister highlighted "the resilience of the tourism industry" and pointed out the need to "identify the challenges" in order to "continue to be one of the leaders" in the sector. Hereu highlighted the government's contribution to transforming the sector, which has been able to overcome the successive crises "with solvency".

  • Tourism | 1/19/2024

    Minister Jordi Hereu confirms a record 2023 for tourism: more than 84 million international tourists and 108 billion euros in spending

    The projected figures at the end of 2023 mean that Spain will exceed the visits of the pre-pandemic reference year of 2019 by 1%, and the tourist expenditure of the same year by 17.4%. By 2022, the number of visitors will increase by 19%, and tourism expenditure will rise by 23.8%. The first four months of 2024 will break records for tourist arrivals and spending after a record year in which the change of tourism model in Spain has been confirmed. Turespaña forecasts 10.8% more international visitors and 18.5% more spending in the first four months of this year The minister values the "extraordinary performance of the entire tourism sector, which has generated quality employment and expanded the offer of increasingly sustainable, territorialised and attractive destinations for visitors throughout the year." At FITUR 2024 there will be a commitment to strengthening the leadership of the Spanish tourism industry and the promotion of distant markets.

  • Industry | 1/18/2024

    Jordi Hereu highlights the opportunity provided by the PERTE decarbonisation plan to move towards a greener industry

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism has presented the first call of line 1 of the PERTE for Industrial Decarbonization, endowed with €1 billion, with the aim of continuing to work for a sustainable Spanish industry. The PERTE foresees a total public investment of 3.17 billion euros, a total investment of up to 11.8 billion euros and the creation of some 8,000 quality jobs.

  • Tourism | 1/18/2024

    Spain welcomes 95 million international air passengers in 2023 and surpasses 2019's record arrivals figure

    Spain reaches 6.7 million international air passengers in December, 16% more than in December 2022. Spain is the second most important country in the world in terms of international air passenger arrivals. All markets show an upward trend, with growth (+20%) in Italy, the United States and Poland standing out. These statistics include the total number of international air passengers received in Spain, whether or not they are tourists, and in no case should they be confused with Frontur/Egatur.

  • Tourism | 1/18/2024

    Tourism employment rose by 5.4% in the month of December and 2023 ends with the highest number of employed workers in the historic data series

    Those employed in the tourism sector exceeded 2.5 million and accounted for 12.5% of the total number of employed workers in the economy Salaried workers in the tourism sector increased by 6.4% this December and self-employed workers by 1.1% As for the regions, the Canary Islands, Andalusia and La Rioja are the autonomous communities that grew the most in that month Jordi Hereu: "In Spain, temporary employment has fallen and wages have risen, and this shows that in tourism, as in many other sectors, a virtuous circle is taking place whereby we are generating economic prosperity while extending labour rights."

  • Industry | 1/17/2024

    Jordi Hereu highlights the contribution of Agri-Food PERTE to the transformation of the sector

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism has highlighted the strategic value of the food and beverage sector in the Spanish economy and underlined its contribution to growth and employment. The Ministry of Industry and Tourism manages Axis 1 of the Agri-Food PERTE, which "will contribute to the modernisation, sustainability and digitalisation of the sector"

  • Industry | 1/17/2024

    Jordi Hereu expresses his interest in continuing to support the transformation of SMEs to PIMEC

    The minister discusses the monitoring of payment periods through the State Observatory of Delinquency with employers of small and medium-sized companies in Catalonia, a project that is currently in the public information phase. The Catalan employers' association of small and medium-sized enterprises has offered its collaboration to the Ministry to work together to improve the productivity of SMEs, innovation and digitalisation.

  • Industry | 1/16/2024

    Jordi Hereu shares with FACONAUTO the Government's commitment to continue moving towards connected and sustainable mobility

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism has highlighted electrification as an effective measure to contribute to the decarbonisation of the sector Hereu highlighted the closing of car distribution in 2023, with 16% more registrations than in the previous year, and has committed to continue promoting strategies to facilitate access to electric vehicles, such as the MOVES Plan, recently extended to 31 July 2024

  • Industry | 1/16/2024

    Jordi Hereu comparte con FACONAUTO la apuesta del Gobierno para seguir avanzando hacia una movilidad conectada y sostenible

    • El Ministro de Industria y Turismo ha destacado la electrificación como medida eficaz para contribuir a la descarbonización del sector
    • Hereu ha puesto en valor el cierre de la distribución de automóviles de 2023, con un 16% más de matriculaciones que el año anterior, y ha apostado por seguir impulsando las estrategias para facilitar el acceso al vehículo eléctrico, como el Plan Moves, prorrogado recientemente hasta el 31 de julio de 2024

  • Industry | 1/16/2024

    Jordi Hereu traslada a CEPYME el compromiso del Gobierno con la pequeña y mediana empresa

    El ministro ha situado a las pymes como centro y motor de la economía española. En la reunión se ha abordado la futura creación del Observatorio Estatal de la Morosidad Privada, cuyo proyecto se encuentra en estos momentos en fase de información pública. Hereu ha puesto en valor el esfuerzo hecho por el Gobierno para que las pymes participaran en los diferentes PERTE que ha lanzado el Ministerio de Industria y Turismo.


  • Industry | 1/12/2024

    Industry awards 27.7 M€ to 11 projects related to hybrid, electric battery and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

    Of the total number of projects, 8 correspond to experimental developments and 3 to industrial research activities. Jordi Hereu: "This line is the perfect complement to the PERTE VEC and proof that the Government is once again fulfilling its commitments by providing a solution to one of the major demands of the automotive sector"

  • Tourism | 1/12/2024

    Minister Jordi Hereu and UNWTO Secretary-General, Zurab Pololikashvili, hold a first meeting in Madrid

    Both leaders have noted the full recovery of the tourism industry and the good forecasts for 2024. The minister highlights Spain's leading position in world tourism and shares the lines of work in order to advance in the sustainability, digitalisation and competitiveness of the sector.

  • Tourism | 1/11/2024

    Jordi Hereu and Exceltur agree to boost public-private collaboration to continue transforming the tourism industry

    Hereu was grateful for the "willingness for dialogue and constant collaboration" of the Spanish tourism business sector, which he defines as an "indispensable actor" to implement changes in areas such as social sustainability and digitalisation. Exceltur stressed the need to continue supporting the sector through European funds and the Recovery Plan.

  • Industry | 1/11/2024

    The Ministry of Industry and the Alliance pledge to continue working to strengthen the competitiveness and development of Spanish industry

    Hereu stressed the Government's commitment to reindustrialisation and to strengthening Spanish industry. The Alliance put forward a series of proposals to improve competitiveness in areas such as energy, strategic autonomy and climate neutrality, among others.

  • Industry | 1/10/2024

    Jordi Hereu stresses the importance of the components sector to the competitiveness of the automotive industry

    The meeting is part of the round of contacts with business and trade union organisations from the Spanish industry. Hereu conveyed to Francisco J. Riberas the Government's plan to launch a new round of PERTE VEC during the first quarter of 2024 to continue attracting battery production and electric vehicle value chain projects.

  • Industry | 1/10/2024

    Jordi Hereu stresses that Spain is one of the most dynamic and appealing economies for foreign investment

    Hereu said that foreign investment in Spain reached 21 billion euro in the first nine months of 2023, 7% more than the average for the 2018-2022 period. The Minister of Industry assured attendees that the government is fully committed to re-industrialisation, modernisation and structural reforms in the Spanish economy. The business forum, held today and tomorrow in Madrid, will bring together major international investors and executives from more than 40 publicly traded companies and public administrations.

  • Tourism | 1/9/2024

    Jordi Hereu shares with the CEOE his will to continue to support the transformation of the tourism sector

    The Minister lauded the full recovery of the sector after the pandemic, the record-setting data from 2023 and “good prospects for 2024". Representatives from the CEOE have asked the Ministry of Industry and Tourism to accelerate the transformation of the tourism sector to address the dual green and digital challenge. Hereu shared with the CEOE representatives the lines of aid that the Ministry of Industry and Tourism has provided to advance the sector's sustainability, digitisation and competitiveness through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (RTRP), which has allocated a total of €3.4 billion.

  • Tourism | 1/5/2024

    The Ministry of Industry and Tourism will provide 96 million euros in funding to digitise tourist destinations

    The money will be used to deploy smart platforms that will contribute to the digital transformation of the tourism sector. The aim is to improve destination management, relationships with tourists and sustainability based on innovative solutions. Of the total aid amount, 38 million euros will be allocated to provincial, regional and island councils and 58 million euros to the rest of the local authorities.

  • Tourism | 1/4/2024

    The Ministry of Industry and Tourism earmarks 104 million euros to digitise tourism companies

    This is the second call for aid for developing and implementing innovative technological projects. As a novelty compared to the 2021 call, it facilitates SMEs' access to financing, allowing more companies to benefit from the aid. In addition to groups of companies, non-profit associations, federations and confederations in the tourism sector may also apply.

  • Tourism | 1/3/2024

    Tourist arrivals increase to over 5 million in November, 18.6 per cent more than the same month in 2022

    Tourist expenditure is 23.6 per cent higher than a year ago and 31.4 per cent higher compared to November 2019. Accumulated up to November, expenditure exceeds 100 billion euros. During the first eleven months of 2023, tourist arrivals were 0.8% higher than the figures achieved before the pandemic and 18.2 per cent higher than the accumulated figure for 2022: 79.8 million. Jordi Hereu: “Tourist arrivals and expenditure have accelerated in recent months, which has a positive impact on the economy, both in terms of GDP and employment”.

  • Tourism | 1/3/2024

    La llegada de turistas a España supera en noviembre los 5 millones, un 18,6% más que en el mismo mes de 2022

    El gasto turístico se sitúa un 23,6% por encima del de hace un año y un 31,4% respecto a noviembre de 2019. En el acumulado hasta noviembre, el gasto rebasa los 100.000 millones de euros. Durante los once primeros meses de 2023, la llegada de turistas se sitúa un 0,8% por encima de las cifras prepandemia y un 18,2% por encima del acumulado de 2022: 79,8 millones. Jordi Hereu: “La llegada de turistas y el gasto en destino se han acelerado en los últimos meses, lo que repercute de forma positiva en la economía, tanto en el PIB como en el empleo”.

  • Tourism | 12/29/2023

    The Ministry and communities have agreed the distribution of €183 million in aid to social sustainability, energy efficiency and digitisation of the tourism sector

    Jordi Hereu has stressed “the importance of the agreements made and the climate of cooperation with the autonomous communities to further strengthen the tourism sector”. He has approved the allocation of €119 million to finance energy efficiency projects by tourism enterprises, €54 million for digital skills and €10 million to social sustainability.

  • Tourism | 12/29/2023

    The number of seats forecasted for international flights during the month of January reach 7.4 million, 13 per cent more than a year ago

    Comparing the number of seats forecasted for January 2024 with the data recorded up to the same date in 2023, the positive trend for the major countries of origin continues for the United kingdom (+ 5.9 per cent), Germany (+ 12.2 per cent) and Italy (+ 20.7 per cent). Jordi Hereu: “This forecast confirms the strength of tourism in Spain, with data that herald an excellent year in 2024, as was the case in 2023, during which we have already exceeded pre-pandemia figures”.

  • Industry | 12/28/2023

    Industry publishes the first PERTE for the Industrial Decarbonisation call for proposals

    The call for proposals is endowed with 1 billion euros and represents an important boost to the decarbonisation of the Spanish manufacturing industry. Jordi Hereu: “Government fulfils commitment to support industry in its transition to more environmentally friendly models and processes and contribute to the goal of climate neutrality by 2050”.

  • Industry | 12/22/2023

    Industry publishes the final decision of the Naval PERTE that will distribute almost €81 M among more than 107 companies

    The purpose of the Naval PERTE is to modernize the sector and increase its competitiveness. Jordi Hereu “With the help of this PERTE we intend to improve the quality of employment and the competitiveness of this sector. We are committed to quality, qualifications and digitization to achieve full modernization in shipbuilding”.

  • Industry | 12/22/2023

    Jordi Hereu explains the government's commitment to the industrial sector to CEOE

    The minister advocated for reindustrialización as the main objective of this stage to boost productive capacities in the country and to make progress with strategic autonomy. The representatives of CEOE learned of the minister's willingness to cooperate as he offered to work together through the Committee on Industry and Environmental Transition CEOE.

  • Industry | 12/19/2023

    Jordi Hereu explained the government's commitment to the reindustrialization of Spain to the secretary-general of CCOO-Industry

    The minister emphasized the government's commitment to ready the country for a more innovative, sustainable and competitive industrial future.

  • Industry | 12/19/2023

    Jordi Hereu conveyed to Stellantis the support from Spanish Industry to its industrial projects in Spain, which include the Antares Project in Figueruelas

    Hereu has indicated that the Antares Project (Figueruelas Plant) is strategic for continued progress towards the goal of industrialisation and to convert Spain into a hub for sustainable mobility. So far, Stellantis has already received more than 59 million euros under the PERTE VEC II Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation to implement the Antares Project in Figueruelas.

  • Industry | 12/19/2023

    Industry awards €183.6 M to 292,233 businesses to strengthen the agri-industrial sector

    The objective of the PERTE is to drive modernization, sustainability and digital processing in the agricultural sector. Catalonia, Valencia, and Galicia are the autonomous communities that receive the most aid. Jordi Hereu “To improve competitiveness and sustainability in the food industry, there is a need to invest in innovation in both new foods and processes, and improving food security, and this PERTE will help them to achieve this”.

  • Industry | 12/18/2023

    Together with the Secretary-General of UGT-FICA workers trade union, Jordi Hereu commits to continue to work together for stability in industrial sector employment

    The meeting is part of the round of contacts with business and union organisations in Spanish industry, which Hereu started last week with the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC). Up to October, the number of Social Security contributors in the industrial sector stood at 2,369,064 people. This figure is 1.8% higher than the previous year.


  • Tourism | 12/18/2023

    Spain welcomed 88.4 million international passengers up to November, an 18.2% increase over the same period in 2022

    In November, Spain reached 6.2 million international air passengers, 15.8% more than in November 2022. All markets are showing an upward trend and highlight the increase (+ 20%) from Italy and the United States. Jordi Hereu: "The increase in the arrival of travellers beyond what was considered to be the high season is great news for deseasonalising our tourism, which is also seeing how destinations are diversifying and more autonomous communities are participating in the rise of increasingly sustainable destinations."

  • Tourism | 12/18/2023

    Tourism employment increases in November by 5.1% compared to the same month in 2022

    Social Security contributors in the tourism sector reached 2.5 million and accounted for 12.5% of all contributors in the economy. Salaried employees in the tourism sector increased by 6.1% this November compared to a year ago. Jordi Hereu: "Tourism employment has outpaced the variations of the so-called 'low season', which indicates that the objective of seasonally adjusting the sector is working".

  • Industry | 12/15/2023

    Jordi Hereu qualifies the protection of industrial property as a strategic approach and security for investment and competitiveness

    In 2022, the Spanish Patents and Trademark Bureau, under the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, received more than 45,000 national trade mark applications and 40% more design registration applications, which indicates sustained economic growth in Spain. Jordi Hereu: "Defending industrial property is essential to successfully reach our goal of completing the fourth industrial revolution." During the Spanish presidency of the European Union, two milestones have been achieved: the publication of the rules of procedure for protecting geographical indications of craft and industrial products and the final text of the Directive and Regulation on Industrial Designs.

  • Industry | 12/15/2023

    Alvaro Martínez Leiro, winner of the National Craftsmanship Prize

    The Minister for Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, conveyed his support for this sector, which is renowned worldwide and has increased its levels of competitiveness through innovation, ICT and the orienting its processes more towards commercialization The awards ceremony celebrated the work of a sector that exceeds 4 billion euros in gross value added and represents 0.4 % of GDP

  • Tourism | 12/14/2023

    The Ministry of Industry and Tourism convenes the Tourism Sector Conference to distribute 183 million euros to the Autonomous Communities on 29 December

    Although all the Autonomous Communities voted unanimously yesterday in committee to take up the allocation of funds in the Sector Conference, the communities of Galicia, Andalusia, Cantabria, La Rioja, Murcia, Valencia, Aragón, Canary Islands, Extremadura, Illes Balears, Madrid, and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla refused to go forward with the planned agenda. In order to meet the deadlines agreed to with the European Commission and ensure the availability of funds, the Ministry of Industry and Tourism has convened a new session of the Sector Conference on 29 December.

  • Industry | 12/14/2023

    Jordi Hereu transmitted to ANFAC his commitment to further progress in sustainable and connected mobility

    The Minister of Industry, together with ANFAC (the Spanish Association of Car and Lorry Manufacturers), began a series of meetings with business organisations and unions in the Spanish industry. Hereu communicated to Griffiths the government's willingness to launch the third round of PERTE VEC applications during the first quarter of 2024 to continue to attract battery production and electric vehicle supply chain projects.

  • Industry | 12/13/2023

    Jordi Hereu notes that promoting Spain's reindustrialisation is a priority for the government

    The Minister for Industry and Tourism calls for coexistence and stability in Catalonia to bolster confidence and legal security to promote the return of companies that moved their headquarters outside of Catalonia. The Minister for Industry and Tourism reiterated his willingness to cooperate with the Xunta de Galicia to promote industrial projects such as that of ALTRI.

  • Industry | 12/7/2023

    The European Competitiveness Council, under the Spanish presidency of the EU, adopted regulations on Net-Zero Industry

    Jordi Hereu: “The new standard is essential for strengthening Europe's strategic autonomy; it is aimed at the objective of reindustrialisation and it is helping us to move forward in the energy transition to be at the forefront of climate neutrality” The dialogue with the European Parliament to approve the Net-Zero Industry regulations is expected to begin next week The Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, chaired the EU Competitiveness Council (Internal market and industry).

  • Industry | 12/7/2023

    Jordi Hereu: “The Net Zero Industries Law will boost our strategic regional and reindustrialisation projects with green technology ”

    The minister of industry and tourism, Jordi Hereu, presided over the EU Competitiveness Council (Internal market and industry) meeting today. Hereu said that one of the main objectives of the meeting was to discuss how to help SMEs to benefit from the Net-Zero Industries Act

  • Tourism | 12/5/2023

    The Government has adopted a resolution to invest €54M in the autonomous regions to improve the digital skills of workers in the tourist industry

    The recipients of the 150-hour training courses will be SMEs and workers in the tourism sector. A total of 19,350 workers are expected to participate before the end of the second quarter of 2026. Each autonomous region will develop a training program in Digital Skills for tourism and will coordinate its implementation and justification.

  • Tourism | 12/5/2023

    The Government adopts a resolution to distribute €108 among the autonomous regions to fund energy-efficient projects by tourism companies

    This year the aim was to upgrade 773 tourist establishments, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Jordi Hereu “The government has succeeded in increasing the competitiveness of our tourism enterprises by developing energy efficiency projects and the circular economy with these investments, thus reducing the costs of energy efficiency and the carbon footprint ”.

  • Tourism | 12/4/2023

    The influx of tourists to Spain in October exceeded $8.1 million, 7.8 per cent higher than the same month before the pandemic in 2019

    Tourism expenditure has also grown by 24 per cent since last year and is 23.9 per cent higher than in October 2019. During the first ten months of 2023, tourist arrivals were 0.2% above the pre-pandemic figures and 18.2 per cent higher than in 2022, reaching an accumulated 74.70 million. Jordi Hereu: “We are transforming the physiognomy of our tourism. Spain continues to lead the absolute, complete recovery of the sector, but we are diversifying and deseasonalizing to create a more sustainable tourism industry which is less dependent on the four seasons ”.

  • Industry | 11/30/2023

    Minister Jordi Hereu recognises the work of young entrepreneurs and assures the government is an ally to businesses

    The National Young Entrepreneur Prize was awarded to Borja Pellicer, from Bet Solar, a Valencian company that is a leader in technical distribution of photovoltaic material. Jordi Hereu: “We have established a more favourable regulatory framework that promotes a more competitive business environment and encourages the development and success of new business initiatives, SMEs and startups”.

  • Industry | 11/30/2023

    Industry definitively awards all of the €450 M allocated to gas-intensive industries

    A total of 445 industrial companies will benefit from this aid to compensate for the exceptional increase in natural gas prices in 2022. Jordi Hereu: “This aid is a further example of the government's commitment to industry, in this case the gas-intensive industries which suffered from high energy prices last year”.

  • Tourism | 11/30/2023

    Seats expected to be booked on international flights for the month of December number 8.1 million, one million more than a year ago

    The increase compared to December 2022 is 14.2%, with the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy leading the list. Poland, Czech Republic and the US are the destinations that experienced the most growth compared to last year. Jordi Hereu: “The projections for December are extraordinary. Consolidation and growth in the European markets, and a rise in far-away markets, such as the US. We must continue to ensure air connectivity and the image of Spain as a sustainable, quality destination

  • Industry | 11/28/2023

    The government allocates €3.147 B to modernise new Spanish combat aircraft

    The EF-2000 1 plan programme will receive €1.75 B and the Falcon Programme another €1.397 B. The economic impact is expected to be positive for the Spanish aviation and defence industry. Jordi Hereu: “Prioritising strengthening the national defence industry and developing European industrial and technological capabilities is key to Spain in order to guarantee democracy and peace given the current shifts in the geopolitical and security landscape”.

  • Tourism | 11/17/2023

    Spain receives 82.2 million international passengers between January and October, 18.4% more than the same period in 2022

    In October, Spain received 9 million international air passengers, 13.4% more than in October 2022. All markets have shown an upward trend, with particularly large increases (over 17%) in Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Ireland. Héctor Gómez: "The increase in the arrival of travellers outside of what was once considered high season is great news for our objective of making tourism less seasonal. Moreover, destinations are diversifying and more Autonomous Communities are participating in the boom of increasingly sustainable destinations”.

  • Tourism | 11/17/2023

    Tourism employment increases in October by 9.3% compared to the same month in 2019

    There were 2.6 million workers in the tourism sector in October, which amounted to 12.9% of all people registered with the social security administration in the national economy. Employees in the tourism sector increased by 5.4% this October compared to a year ago, and people registered with the social security administration are seeing a 4.6% year-on-year increase. The Canary Islands is the autonomous community with the highest year-on-year increase, at 5.8%. Héctor Gómez: “Tourism employment is still performing excellently, even in the so-called ‘low season’, which indicates that our policies to decrease seasonality are bearing fruit”.

  • Trade | 11/17/2023

    Spanish exports as of September exceed €287.5B

    • The trade deficit was reduced to €29.596 billion in the January-September period.
    • The sectors which contributed positively to the year-on-year growth rate for exports from January to September 2023 were the automotive, equipment and food, drink and tobacco industries.
    • The autonomous communities with the greatest growth in exports in the period were Castile and León, Catalonia and La Rioja.
    • Héctor Gómez: “The dynamism of Spanish exports compared to imports means the trade deficit has fallen by up to 44%. One of this Government's priorities has been to strengthen and increase our exporting companies and to make Spain an attractive country for foreign investment ”.

  • Tourism | 11/16/2023

    Tourism data management will improve customer experience and optimisation of tourism businesses

    Data experts, destination managers and representatives from the tourism industry discussed the importance of tourism intelligence to improve how tourism is managed. The forum, organized by the Secretary of State for Tourism in Benidorm, was attended by 250 professionals from the tourism sector. The meeting was part of the activities of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

  • Industry | 11/13/2023

    Industry awards €229 million in CO2 aid to big industry

    185 industrial companies will benefit, mostly from Asturias, the Basque Country and Andalusia. By sector, the largest amount is accounted for by the basic iron, steel and ferroalloys sector with 33.3%, followed by paper with 20.3%. Héctor Gómez: "Having a strong industrial network is one of the priorities of the government's agenda to continue with economic growth and the maintenance of quality employment".

  • Industry | 11/10/2023

    Successful VEC II: the government approves fifteen more projects and exhausts the budget

    With these new final awards, more than 528.7 million euros of grant funding has been awarded, representing more than 95% of the EU funds of the call. Héctor Gómez: "We are proud of the success of this event, which is the result of leadership in the new industrial revolution, dialogue with the sector and understanding the cultural change that is taking place in our society. The projects finally approved in this new round correspond to four projects from Stellantis, Scutum Logistic, Borgwarner, Benteler, Refinasol Battmat, Mindcaps, Lotte, Mobis, Scoobic, Lithium Iberia and Tecnologia Extremeña Del Litio.

  • Tourism | 11/10/2023

    Spain proves itself to be a global leader in sustainable tourism at the World Travel Market.

    Héctor Gómez: "The UK is our largest market in terms of tourist numbers and destination spending and has put the uncertainties of Brexit and the pandemic behind it. Moreover, our outlook tells us that there is plenty of room for improvement". Gómez: "The Spanish tourism industry represents a model to be followed at a global level to complete the revolution that this sector has undertaken in recent years". Rosana Morillo is pleased with the good forecasts for British tourist arrivals for 2024. The Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Murcia and Valencia were present at the event, which brought together 3,726 exhibitors.

  • Trade | 11/8/2023

    Retail sales up 6.7% year-to-date over 2022 and the sector improves employment and confidence indices

    Retail sales grew by 6% year-on-year in September, making a total of ten months of growth in Spain. In the third quarter of 2023, retail trade reached 1,992,500 employed persons; 9.4% of the total in Spain, 62.9% of whom are women. All retail trade indices improved: sales, employment and confidence indicators improved by 5.4 points compared to October 2022. Héctor Gómez: "The growth of retail trade and the good performance of employment are indicative of the strength of our local production network".

  • Industry | 11/8/2023

    Industry launches the 'Active Cybersecurity' programme, which could benefit 4,500 SMEs

    Interested companies can apply for aid at the EOI's electronic headquarters as of today. This is a call for aid in kind for advice to SMEs, through specialised cyber-security organisations. The amount of the call comes to 9.63 million euros within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Héctor Gómez, "Spain is the fourth most cyber-secure country in the world and this government will continue to support those who make up more than 90% of our production network: SMEs".

  • Tourism | 11/7/2023

    The Secretary of State for Tourism organises the Forum on Tourism Intelligence and Data: the keys to sustainability

    Data experts, destination managers and representatives of the tourism sector will discuss the importance of tourism intelligence to improve tourism management. The event, which will have a capacity of 250 people, will be held on 16 November in the Alicante city of Benidorm.

  • Tourism | 11/6/2023

    Héctor Gómez highlights Spain's leadership in London as a model for sustainable and social tourism

    Turespaña leads the outstanding Spanish presence at the world tourism fair in London. Our country has 34 participants, including public institutions and private companies. The United Kingdom is the main source market for Spain, with more than 20% of the total number of tourists received. British tourists also lead the tourism expenditure statistics. Héctor Gómez: "Our country remains the UK's leading tourist destination in the post-pandemic period, and our prospects are that this will continue to be the case for years to come."

  • Tourism | 11/6/2023

    The number of workers employed in the tourism sector increased by 6.5% compared to a year ago, reaching almost 3 million

    25.1% of the new jobs generated in our country are related to tourism-related activities. Those employed in tourism-related activities already account for 13.9% of total employment in the Spanish economy. The number of employees in the tourism sector with permanent contracts (79.1%) increased by 17.9%, the ninth consecutive increase. The unemployment rate in the sector stood at 8.1% in the third quarter, 0.4% lower than in the previous quarter of 2023. Héctor Gómez: "We continue to transform employment conditions linked to tourism. More salaried employees, more permanent employees, more full days. In short, more and better jobs.

  • Tourism | 11/3/2023

    The future of wine tourism to be debated in the wine capital

    The UNWTO and the Government of La Rioja will hold the conference titled "Inclusive, sustainable and digital wine tourism: Building stronger territorial cohesion" from 22-24 November The event will be attended by 20 experts and representatives from wine regions around the world and is expected to be attract 300 participants, including public and private sector players.

  • Tourism | 11/2/2023

    Tourism spending consolidates the sector's recovery with a 17% increase in September over the record for 2019

    The total spending by international tourists who visited Spain is 11.215 billion euros, 22.6% more than in 2022. Tourist arrivals also grew by 13.6% compared to September 2022, with more than 8.8 million visitors. During the first nine months of 2023, spending is up 24.0% compared to 2022, reaching 84.608 billion euros. Héctor Gómez: "We celebrate these figures in the context of the Informal Ministerial Meeting which, as the country with the EU Presidency, we have just held and in which Spain has consolidated its leadership in making tourism an engine for sustainable economic growth across the continent."

  • Tourism | 10/27/2023

    Héctor Gómez inaugurates the European Tourism Forum in Palma with social sustainability at its core

    The event has as its central theme social sustainability in tourism and will address the priorities set for the EU semester. The European Tourism Forum is organized by the European Commission and the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU. Héctor Gómez: "I am convinced that this Forum, which has become an unmissable annual event, will allow us to share and enrich the debate about the future challenges of the sector." This event precedes the Informal Meeting of Ministers of Tourism to be held in Palma the following day, October 31.

  • Industry | 10/27/2023

    Industry submits the draft of the initial call for proposals under the PERTE for Industrial Decarbonisation for public hearing

    The development of the PERTE for Industrial Decarbonisation foresees a total public investment of 3.1 billion euros and the creation of around 8,000 quality jobs. The call for the first line of aid is aimed at comprehensive action for decarbonisation and will be for an amount of 1 billion euros, 500 million in grants and 500 million for loans.

  • Tourism | 10/26/2023

    Projections for the fourth quarter point to a record year in tourism expenditure

    Reports on winter tourism trends have been published Tourism advisors from nine countries of origin have presented the challenges and trends in geographical areas Héctor Gómez: “Our commitment to deseasonalising tourism is both strong and essential: Spain is a first-rate destination, not only in summer, but throughout the year”. Spain is the best country for sustainable travel, and the Basque Country is one of the best areas in the world, according to the Lonely Planet awards

  • Industry | 10/25/2023

    Industry takes full advantage of €450M of aid for gas-intensive industry to assist 448 industrial facilities in Spain

    The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has published the interim resolution following the call for proposals launched last July. The aim is to compensate for the costs incurred by companies that have a high industrial consumption of natural gas. Héctor Gómez: “This resolution responds to the Government of Spain's explicit commitment to gas-intensive companies so that sectors which are so important for the Spanish economy can continue their productive activity”.

  • Tourism | 10/23/2023

    Héctor Gómez opened the Turespaña III Convention with the sustainable transformation of tourism as the main focus

    The event, organised by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism together with Donostia-San Sebastian City Council, and with collaboration from Gipuzkoa District Council and Basquetour, brought together 500 tourism operators from the private sector and various public administrations Turespaña presented the project for designing indicators to measure the attitudes of the resident population in Spain towards tourism in order to ascertain its real impact on the territories The Basque Country has received almost €68M in aid resulting from calls for proposals under the Tourism Sustainability Plan

  • Trade | 10/19/2023

    Spanish exports grow by 1.8% up to August and reach more than €250 billion.

    The trade deficit narrowed to 25.758 billion euros in the first eight months of the year. Exports in the automotive, capital goods and food sectors continued to perform well. Héctor Gómez: "The reduction of the trade deficit is very good news for our trade; we must continue to work to become more and more competitive as a country".

  • Tourism | 10/19/2023

    Between January and September, Spain received 73.2 million international passengers, 19.1% more than in the same period for 2022.

    Spain reached 9.6 million international air passengers in September, 10% more than in September 2022. Almost all source markets showed significant increases of more than 10% in September. Héctor Gómez: "The diversification of source markets is great news for a sector that is undergoing a profound revolution in terms of the quality of destinations and experiences".

  • Industry | 10/16/2023

    Spain aims to lead industrial transformation in Europe through digitalization and sustainability

    The acting Minister of Industry, Héctor Gómez, accompanied HM King Felipe VI at the inauguration of the 10th Industrial Forum that analyzes business megatrends, organized by El Economista. The PERTE, different lines of support for industrial innovation and clusters, and the promotion of intelligent tourist destinations are the focus of the activities of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Héctor Gómez:"For this government, sustainability, AI and strategic autonomy are absolute priorities, the pillars of the new industrial revolution we are promoting."

  • Industry | 10/13/2023

    Minister Héctor Gómez meets with the unions CCOO and UGT to discuss the new industrial revolution

    Industry is committed to dialogue with social organisations to face the challenges of the sector through innovation and adaptation. Gómez stressed the importance of strengthening the labor market and improving the quality of employment in order to turn Spain into a center for training, attracting and retaining talent.

  • Industry | 10/13/2023

    78% of the projects presented in the R&D&I aid line for the manufacturing industry are dedicated to sustainability plans

    The call received 253 project applications from 223 companies. By Autonomous Communities, Catalonia and the Valencian Community have submitted almost half of the applications and, together with Castile-Leon, account for more than half of the budget to be executed. Héctor Gómez: "We are deploying an ambitious agenda of active industrial policy that will contribute to modernising and making our productive model more resilient and competitive through digital transformation, the green economy and innovation. This is the Spain we want".

  • Industry | 10/11/2023

    Industry provisionally approves seven new PERTE VEC II battery projects for 87 million euros

    The projects are for the companies Stellantis, Mobis, Fragnor and Lithium Iberia. The final resolution is approved for Beecycle, which obtains financing for an electric vehicle battery recycling plant in Navarra for 1.6 million euros. From this moment on, the period of allegations begins, in which the companies can aspire to reach the maximum that the projects allow in the framework of this call. Héctor Gómez: "The proactivity and collaboration of the automotive sector in Spain is extraordinary, which is demonstrating, through its projects, its will to turn our country into the hub of European mobility".

  • Industry | 10/10/2023

    The Minister of Industry opens a new dialogue with the regional government to advance major industrial projects in Galicia

    Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Héctor Gómez met with the president of Galicia today to bring him up to speed on the programmes launched by the Ministry in the region. The government has allocated 2.1 billion euros to different industrial sectors, both from European funds and the national budget. A major instrument for Galicia will be the Industrial Decarbonisation PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation), lines one and four of which will be rolled out before the end of the year in the amount of 1.25 billion euros. Gómez has opened an avenue for greater collaboration with Galicia, with the condition of maintaining a mutual agreement for “co-governance and institutional loyalty”.

  • Trade | 10/10/2023

    Retail sales at constant prices increase 7.0% year-on-year in August

    The average number of Social Security affiliates increased by 1.3% year-on-year in September 2023 to 1,937,647. Registered unemployment in retail trade decreased by 6.5% year-on-year in September 2023. Spain's retail confidence indicator is higher than that of the major European economies.

  • Industry | 10/10/2023

    Industry grants €31 M in aid to 488 electro-intensive industries to offset energy bill charges

    The aim of this compensation mechanism for electricity-intensive consumers is to prevent the transfer of industrial production to other countries. Almost a quarter of the aid beneficiaries are active in Catalonia, followed by Andalusia, the Basque Country, Valencia and Asturias. The paper and board manufacturing sector, followed by the iron and steel sector, is the sector receiving the most aid.

  • Tourism | 10/3/2023

    Tourism closes a successful summer in Spain with more than 10 million international tourists arriving in August

    The total expenditure of international tourists visiting Spain is 13.53 billion, 19.9% more than in August 2022. Tourist arrivals grew by 13.9% in August 2023 compared to the same month last year. Héctor Gómez: “We are closing an extraordinary summer with figures that confirm the full recovery of a sector that is not only the main engine of the economy, but also generates better and better quality jobs".

  • Industry | 10/2/2023

    Héctor Gómez: “Spain, with the boost of its productive fabric, will be the European green industrial pole.”

    For two days, leaders at the highest level, institutions, companies, associations and clusters will meet in the capital of the Costa del Sol to analyse the present and the future of the industry. Minister of Industry: "We do not want another Spain; we want the best industrial Spain. We are going to guarantee a transformation of the sector that leads to sustainable, inclusive and quality employment, reducing unemployment rates and promoting social justice". Enisa has certified more than 150 companies as start-ups, recalled Gómez.

  • Tourism | 9/29/2023

    Planned international seat capacity for October is close to 10.5 million, almost one million more than a year ago.

    The increase compared to 2022 is 9.8%, with the UK, Germany and Italy leading the way. This month's figure is around 400,000 seats better than the figure for the same month pre-pandemic (October 2023). Héctor Gómez: "In addition to the consolidation of European markets, there is the good performance of distant markets, such as Mexico and the USA. We must continue to guarantee air connectivity and the projection of Spain as a sustainable and quality destination".

  • Industry | 9/27/2023

    Minister Héctor Gómez underlines the strength of the aerospace industry during his visit to Airspace Integration Week

    Héctor Gómez: “The development of the aviation sector is fundamental to our growth as a tourist attraction, as well as to the ongoing industrial revolution”. The Recovery Plan envisages an Aerospace ERP mobilising around 4.533 billion euros between 2021 and 2025