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If one of the hotels declared as essential service by theOrder TMA/277/2020of 23 march, health personnel thanks accommodation COVID-19 asked what should the hotel, bearing in mind that this is not a hotel medicalizado nor protective factors?

It is not applicableOrder TMA/277/2020in this case, then the doctor is no longer a health professional, but a patient, and are expected to return to their domicile or admitted to hospital.

TheOrder TMA/277/2020of 23 march, to declare certain essential services to tourist accommodation and complementary provisions are taken, in its article 1 of the declaration as essential services to the lodges collected in the annex, which will remain closed to the general public, but should allow the accommodation of those workers who should provide, inter alia, health care.

However, in this case it is no longer a health professional labour to perform functions related to health care, but of a patient or he must return to their home (if no serious symptoms), or has to be hospitalised. Therefore, cannot reserve room or stay in one of the hotels affected by the aforementioned order, unless it is a hotel medicalizado.

We should contact the health department of the autonomous community concerned to deal with this case.

A public company who is responsible for the management of a city hotel, could qualify for assistance adopted by the government and all those that are adopted as a result of successive COVID19?

Yes, unless specifically permitted exceptions to such companies. As for future action, we will have to meet the specific regulation.

In theReal Decreto-Ley 8/2020of 17 march, extraordinary and urgent actions to address the economic and social impact of the COVID-19, when it concerns the measures envisaged for businesses, there is a distinction between public and private company. Therefore, the answer is yes, unless it expressly denies or restricts somehow this possibility.

This is the case in article 13.1 of theReal Decreto-Ley 7/2020of 17 march, urgent measures in the area of public procurement, health and health-care waste management, transparency, public transport and in economic terms of taxes and, according to which public enterprises are not eligible for reimbursement of corporate contributions to Social security

“ enterprises,excluding belonging to the public sector, engaged in enclosed in the areas of tourismas well as the trade and hotels, provided that they are linked to the tourism sector, which generate productive activity in the months of february, march, april, may, june and to initiate or maintain high during these months the occupation of workers with fixed contracts discontinuous, would be able to apply a bonus in these months of the 50 per cent of contributions of business to Social security for common contingencies, as well as by the concepts of joint fund-raising unemployment FOGASA WILL BEAR, and Training of such workers. ”

In any case, is attached summary listing of the measures set forth in the above-mentionedReal Decreto-Ley 8/2020.

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