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Industrial economyIt is an INDUSTRIAL ECONOMYofficial publicationfounded in 1964, which regularlyquarterlypublished in the framework of the programme of editors of the ministry of industry and tourism. As such, has a clear trackpublic service.

INDUSTRIAL ECONOMY, with civil society in general as a target audience, recognized as being missionthe forum of reflection, prescription and accountabilityto better formulation of thepublic policies of the Area of competence of the ministry of industry and tourismand other related issues,transfer of knowledge, experiences and viewsbetween worldsacademic, business and public administrationsand since these civil society in general, that those values into practical reality at any stage of their life cycle (analysis, design, implementation and evaluation). All in the best interest to a process more transparent, participatory, informed and evidence-informed.

INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS is the broad spectrum of issues under the same discipline, understood in a broad sense and applied, either horizontally or sectoral. In this way, its Thematic areas may wish to refer to the dimensions productive, technological, economic, competitive regulatory, legal and social council, both of the industry itself, as of services provided on the basis of an industrial component.

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