Organizational structure of the Department of industry and tourism

Under-secretary of industry and tourism

Mr. Pablo Garde Lobo Curriculum vitae

  • The Technical Office

    Mr. Angel Fausto Sánchez Maíllo

  • S.G Oficialía of Greater Financial and management

    Mrs. M. Teresa González Lemon

  • S.G. of Information and Communications

    Mr. Marcos Martinez Diaz

  • Budgetary office

    Mrs. Teresa Aznar Almazán.

  • S. of the General inspectorate of Services and Citizens

    Mr. Miguel Angel Recio Crespo

  • S.G. planning and Human resources management

    Mrs. Nieves Aliagas Gil

  • Delegated intervention

    Mrs. Elena Rodríguez Open.

  • State Attorney's Office at the Department

    Mr. Óscar Saenz de Santamaría Gómez-mampaso

  • Technical Secretariat-General

    Mrs. Núria García GonzálezCurriculum vitae

    • Technical Deputy Secretary-General

      Mr. Sergio Luis Doncel Núñez

    • S.G. of policy development, Reports and publications

      Mr. Marcos García Alfonso

    • S.G., Claims and Relations with the administration of justice

      Mrs. Maria Josefa Fernández Pérez

    • S.G. of international relations and cooperation

      Mrs. Gloria Díaz Mesanza

    • S.G. of studies, analyses and plans of action

      Mr. Javier Agustin Muñoz Carabias