Public participation in policy projects

Access point to facilitate public participation in the development of standards

Public participation in policy projects This channel is established as the point of access to public consultation procedures prior for hearing and public information in the process of producing the draft legislation, draft royal decree legislative and regulatory standards for projects that will provide impetus by the ministry of industry and tourism and its public servants or linked, in accordance with the provisions of the item 133 Law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities, and item 26 Law 50/1997, of 27 november, the Government.

With this point of access to adhering to the provisions of the Order PRE/1590/2016, 3 october, which issued the decision of the council of ministers on 30 september 2016 by issuing instructions to enable public participation in the process of drafting legislation through the websites of ministerial departments.

It is submitted pursuant to paragraph (Sixth of the council of ministers of 23 february 2023 for improving the process of negotiation and mainstreaming the right of the european union in the domestic legal order.

Prior Public Consultation

The arrangements for prior public consultation are intended to obtain the views of citizens, organizations and associations, prior to the development of the policy level.

Hearing and public information

The procedures for hearing and public information is to obtain the views of citizens rights holders and legitimate interests are affected by an already drafted the policy level, either directly or through the organizations or associations that represent, as well as to obtain as many additional contributions to other persons or entities.