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  • Industry | 7/16/2024

    Industry definitively approves 14 projects for the decarbonisation of the manufacturing industry

    In total, 97.5 million euros worth of subsidies have been definitively awarded. The allegations of Gestamp Vigo (Pontevedra) and Cementos Tudela Veguín (León) have been considered.

  • Industry | 7/12/2024

    Hereu announces that the second call for proposals for the Agro PERTE, endowed with €100 million, will be launched in August

    • Ametller Origen is included in the Agrosmed project, the business alliance promoted by fourteen companies with the aim of obtaining aid from the Agri-food PERTE. The group of companies has received 9 million euros from the first call of the Agro PERTE, of which 4.7 has been awarded to Ametller Origen.
    • With this PERTE the Ministry of Industry and Tourism is aiming to create quality employment in the food and agriculture sector, especially in rural areas, where the agrifood business fabric has a larger presence.

  • Tourism | 7/11/2024

    International tourists will spend more than 59 billion euros on their trips to Spain this summer, 22% more than last year

    During the months of June, July, August and September, 41 million international tourists are expected to arrive in our country, 13% more than in the same period for 2023. Jordi Hereu: “The increase in spending, which is above the number of visitors, reiterates the leadership of the tourism model and encourages us to continue working on the strategy for sustainable and inclusive tourism that contributes to the preservation of destinations as well as the improvement of quality of life of workers and residents” A total of 327 projects are beneficiaries of nearly 70 million euros from the second call for “Last Mile” aid, focused on promoting tourist SME digitalisation

  • Industry | 7/10/2024

    Hereu announces the publication of the call for aid to offset CO2 with €300 M

    The minister has advanced the publication of three new favourable provisional resolution proposals for line 1 of the Industrial Decarbonisation PERTE that represent 16.1 million in aid. These are requests from GC, ARCELORMITAL ESPAÑA and ABN PIPE SYSTEMS. Since 2019, the Government has allocated close to 900 million euros to offset CO2 emission costs, rising from 6 million euros called for in 2018 to 244 in recent years, 2022 and 2023..

  • Tourism | 7/5/2024

    Hereu announces aid for 208.5 million to City Halls and Autonomous Communities to finance 92 projects to improve Historical Heritage for tourist use

    The selected projects take into account the characteristics of the destination as well as their viability and quality, and destinations at risk of depopulation have been assessed in order to boost their tourism potential and to strengthen social and territorial cohesion. Jordi Hereu highlights that the purpose of this aid is to boost cultural tourism through projects of maintenance and rehabilitation of historical heritage that clearly reflect the improvement of the touristic use of these assets. The Minister of Industry and Tourism has presented the new Parador of Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara) to the Chairwoman of Paradores, this parador being expected to open in September.

  • Industry | 7/3/2024

    Hereu announces that the call for the PERTE VEC III value chain line, endowed with €200 million, will be published

    The Minister of Industry has also announced that the verification commission has resolved the allegations of several companies that had submitted their projects to the PERTE VEC II value chain line. The financing of the projects has been increased by 115 million euros in total

  • Tourism | 7/3/2024

    International tourist expenditure grows by 21.8% until May and exceeds 43.2 billion euros

    Spain received 33 million international travellers in the first five months of 2024, 13.6% more than in the same period last year Each visitor spent an average of 1,263 euros in May, 7.3% more than last year, and spending per day also shows this growth, reaching 204 euros, with a 8.6% year on year increase Jordi Hereu: “What's most noteworthy is the increase in average spending per visitor, which is growing above inflation and contributes to the modernisation, sustainability and quality of employment in the sector”

  • Industry | 7/1/2024

    Jordi Hereu announces the provisional approval of 12 new Decarbonisation PERTE projects worth €123.4 million

    The Fertiberia plant in Avilés stands out among the beneficiaries, with a proposed subsidy of 60.8 million euros. Other notable companies are Saint Gobain Isover Ibérica in Azuqueca de Henares, with 13.2 million euros and Azucarera Ibérica, which has obtained 11.5 million euros for its installation in Toro With these new provisional resolutions, up to now, the Industrial Decarbonisation PERTE has already benefited 27 tractor projects (59 primary projects) with a total of 219 million euros in direct subsidies, which represents an emissions reduction of 711,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. At present, the Ministry of industry and Tourism has registered a total of 117 clusters which bring together 12,000 companies.

  • Tourism | 6/28/2024

    Planned international seats for July reach 12.5 million, 9.5% more than a year ago

    Comparing the forecasts for the number of seats in July with the information recorded on the equivalent date of 2023, the good performance of the main issuing markets continues : United Kingdom (+5.4%), Germany (+7.4%), Italy (+14.5%) and France (8.4%). Hereu: “This increase in planned seats on international flights compared to last year predicts a very positive summer season for the sector.”

  • Industry | 6/27/2024

    Jordi Hereu highlights the new aid package for the Spanish industrial sector

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism has referred to the extension of the Moves III Plan, the support for the gas-intensive industry and the 300 million euros to offset CO2 costs of the electro-intensive industry. In regard to ENISAJordi Hereu highlighted the startup certification process and the 9,000 participatory loans that it has granted to almost 8,000 small and medium-sized companies for a volume of approximately 1.4 billion euros. He also addressed the challenge in the tourism sector: to govern in terms of sustainability, distributing the benefits at a social level. To promote Spain through the concept of higher quality.

  • Tourism | 6/25/2024

    Ana Muñoz Llabrés, appointed Director-General of Tourism Policies for the State Secretariat for Tourism

    To date, Muñoz Llabrés has acted as Assistant Director-General for the development and sustainability of tourism in the State Secretariat for Tourism To ensure coordination and collaboration between administrations, agents and the sector to comply with the European Commission regarding the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and to consolidate a triple sustainable tourism model are the priority objectives of the Director-General

  • Industry | 6/25/2024

    The Government approves €300 million in aid for the electro-intensive industry

    Since 2019, the Government has allocated close to 900 million euros to compensate for the costs of C02 emissions. This aid shows the Government's commitment to the electro-intensive industrial sectors and enables them to improve their competitiveness, as well as boosting their industrial capacities and employment. TheECallows each Member State to offset the indirect costs of industries in certain sectors that are considered to be exposed to a significant risk of “carbon leakage” due to costs related to greenhouse gas emissions which affect electricity prices

  • Tourism | 6/25/2024

    SPAIN exports the Smart Tourist Destination model to Ecuador

    SEGITTURwill work with the city of Quito, the capital and largest city in the country, in its conversion into a smart tourist destination. Working with the STD methodology will provide a number of benefits, including the improvement of tourist experience, the increased interaction among tourists and residents, the cross-sectional use of tourism, sustainability management improvement, as well as the creation of new synergies

  • Industry | 6/20/2024

    Hereu recognises the leadership of the chemical industry in the transition to the circular economy

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism meets with the employers' association of the Spanish chemical sector, FEIQUE. To strengthen the transformation of the industry, the Government will promote the new Industry and Strategic Autonomy Act. The chemical industry, made up of more than 3,000 companies, is one of the largest and most consolidated industrial sectors in Spain.

  • Industry | 6/20/2024

    Jordi Hereu analyses the decarbonisation of the sector with the President of the cement employers' association

    Hereu expressed his intention during the meeting to deepen public-private collaboration with the objective of achieving climate neutrality. To achieve this, the minister reminded him that the Decarbonisation PERTE, endowed with 3.1 billion euros, is afoot. On 28 May, the provisional approval of the first 19 projects of line 1 of this PERTE was announced; among them, that of Cementos Tudela Veguín de León, with 3.7 million in aid, as well as that of two Cemex Spain plants , in Zaragoza and Guadalajara respectively, which have obtained a total of 5.8 million euros in aid

  • Industry | 6/19/2024

    Industry will convene a new aid line in September of €140 million within the Decarbonisation PERTE

    The objective is to accompany those investment projects with a special driving effect for industrial facilities that can use the best decarbonisation technology in their sectors. With the call for this new line of aid, the Ministry of Industry and Tourism advances its commitment to promoting industrial decarbonisation. The provisional approval of the first 19 projects of line 1 of PERTE Decarbonisation worth 96 million euros was made public recently. For the last five years, the Government has supported the electro-intensive and gas-intensive sector with 1,470 million euros, including aid for CO2, the charge compensation programme for electro-intensive consumers, as well as aid for the increase in natural gas prices in 2023.

  • Tourism | 6/18/2024

    The number of international air passengers is close to 10 million in May, a year on year growth of 13%

    Spain receives 38.7 million passengers in the first five months of 2024, 13.6% more than in the same period of 2023. In May, the strong growth of far off markets such as China, Canada and Chile were a particular highlight, with increases of more than 35%. Minister Hereu positively values ??“the notable increase in market diversification, which has turned Spain into a leading destination that goes beyond the European sphere to increasingly be a reference for travellers from all over the globe.”

  • Tourism | 6/17/2024

    Employment in the tourism sector has increased 5% compared to a year ago, and is bordering 3 million affiliates in the month of May

    Social Security affiliates in tourism accounted for 13.6% of the total affiliates in the national economy in May. Affiliates linked to tourism activities increased in absolute terms by 138,316 registered workers. Among the Autonomous Communities, the interannual increases of Andalusia and the Canary Islands stand out, both growing by 5.7%, as well as the Community of Madrid, which had an increase of 5%.

  • Tourism | 6/12/2024

    Hereu recalls that the Government has allocated 275 million euros for sustainable projects to transform and modernise the Canarian tourism sector.

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism defends “the need to govern tourism so that it generates wealth and social well-being, as well as being compatible at the same time with coexistence in cities”” Hereu has listed the Government's policies on tourism in Congress and has recalled that "tourism in Spain has been a success story that must be preserved, while continuing to work on it at in order to lead its transformation." The minister has recalled that a digital platform is being completed which will enable Autonomous Communities to detect unauthorised tourist accommodation, in order to carry out improved market regulation.

  • Industry | 6/11/2024

    Elisa Rodríguez Ortiz, appointed Head of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM)

    Until now, Rodríguez has served as head of the support unit for the OEPM Management, as well as being Spain's representative before the World Industrial Property Organisation. “We will continue to move towards a more people-focused, sustainable, digital, innovative, transparent and effective OEPM,” she stated.

  • Tourism | 6/11/2024

    Hereu: “We will present the roadmap of the Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2030 at the next Spanish Tourism Council”

    Jordi Hereu, Minister of Industry and Tourism, opened the meeting of the UN Tourism Executive Council in Barcelona together with the mayor of the city, Jaume Collboni, and the Secretary General of UN Tourism, Zurab Pololikashvili. The Government is completing a tool that organises the tourism offer at a national level and responds to citizens' demands regarding coexistence between residents and tourists. The minister has called for everyone to work together – public administrations, UNTourism and the private sector – to create a more humane, sustainable and quality tourism model.

  • Industry | 6/10/2024

    Hereu opens the Barcelona Tourism Convention and announces €96 million in funding for the digital transformation of the tourism sector

    Of the €96 million, €33 million will be allocated to councils, inter-island councils and island councils, €57 million to other local organisations, and €6 million to single-province autonomous communities. Jordi Hereu: "Spain must lead the triple transformation of the tourism model: social, economic and environmental". Among the new features is the opportunity for single-province autonomous communities to apply for grants, as well as the extension of the project implementation deadline until June 2026.

  • Industry | 6/10/2024

    The Ministry of Industry has released for public consultation the framework for the PERTE Agroalimentario II, which is backed by €100 million in funding 

    This time, the allocation process will follow a simple application procedure, ensuring faster disbursement of funds. The aid will be directed towards individual projects. The aim of this new line of aid is to continue to support the transformation, sustainability and modernisation of the industry in this sector. The first edition of PERTE Agro allocated 182 million euros, reaching more than 286 primary projects from 224 companies, with initiatives in 14 autonomous communities.

  • Tourism | 6/6/2024

    The Official State Gazette publishes the call for grants endowed with €96 million for tourist destinations to deploy Smart Destination Platforms.

    The project execution deadline is extended until June 2026. Single-province autonomous communities may apply for grants up to €6 million.

  • Tourism | 6/4/2024

    Execution periods have been extended for tourism projects in the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla for maintenance and rehabilitation of historical heritage for tourist use

    The aim is to make the requirements more flexible in order to contribute to greater and improved implementation of the goals pursued by subsidies.

  • The Ministry | 6/4/2024

    The Ministry of Industry and Tourism opens its doors to citizens during Open Administration week

    The events are part of an initiative promoted by the Alliance for Open Government (Open Gov Week).The aim is to bring the administration closer to the citizen, based on five principles: transparency, accountability, citizen participation, public integrity and collaboration.

  • Tourism | 6/3/2024

    International tourist spending increases by 22.6% in the first four months and reaches €31.5 billion

    The arrival of tourists to Spain has exceeded 7.8 million this April, 8.3% more than in the same month last year and monthly spending rises to 9,565 million euros (+13.1%) In regard to the accumulated values of the first four months, the number of tourists is close to 24 million, 14.5% more than a year ago Each tourist spent an average of 1,221 euros in April, 4.4% more than in 2023, and the average spending per day also reflects this increase, reaching 183 euros, an increase of 5.4% year-on-year In the first four months, the communities with the highest accumulated spending were the Canary Islands (8,182 million euros), Catalonia (5,456 million) and Andalusia (4,809 million) Hereu: “The results of the first quarter, the best in the historical series since we have official records, speak of a tourism that revolves around quality as the aspect which makes a difference, with spending at the destination that symbolises the growing involvement of international tourists with a range of modern offers focused on sustainability”

  • Industry | 5/31/2024

    Hereu announced the next call for 31,87 M €to compensate for positions in the energy bill electrointensivas companies

    These aids are key to the industrial sector because it improves its competitiveness and reinforces their industrial capacities and employment. The minister has in the economic weight of Tarragona in catalonia as a whole, remain a central pillar of the industry in Spain. Jordi Hereu finished stressing good performance in tourism and has had an impact on the challenge of managing the success to continue to be leaders in this sector

  • The Ministry | 5/31/2024

    International week of june files 3-9 2024

    Guided visit to the central database on 6 june to 11 a.m.

  • Tourism | 5/31/2024

    The seats provided for in international flights for june reached 11.7 million, by 12.8 per cent more than a year ago

    Comparing the number of seats in june with the data recorded to date equivalent of 2023, continued its good behaviour of the major broadcasting markets: united kingdom (+ 7.8 per cent), germany (+ 7.9 per cent) and italy (+ 16.2 per cent). Hereu: “Seats provided for in international flights are a fundamental reference point to know how to behave tourism in high season, and projections for june, which significantly improve the last year, we suggest a special summer for the sector”.

  • Tourism | 5/30/2024

    The level of satisfaction of international tourists with their holidays in Spain grows by 2.3 points compared to 2022

    97% of international tourists who visited Spain in 2023 were “satisfied or very satisfied” with their trip Spain reaches a global destination rating of 4.62 out of 5, exceeding the 2022 survey rating The countries with the highest level of satisfaction in 2023 have been the United Kingdom, the Ibero-American region, Poland and the United States For Jordi Hereu, the conclusions of the International Tourist Satisfaction Survey accurately reflect Spain's leadership as a sustainable, safe and excellent global destination.

  • Industry | 5/29/2024

    The new law of industry and Strategic Autonomy will pick up a reserve to ensure the provision of resources in times of crisis and pandemics

    This is a critical list of products and the capacities of national production, which could be mobilized quickly to crisis situations to meet a demand high and unexpected.

  • Industry | 5/28/2024

    Jordi Hereu announced the provisional adoption of the first 19 projects in the LOSS of Decarbonisation of 96 M €

    The projects are those of the companies, ACOR BIOTERMICA VILLANUEVA, meat and vegetables, IRAQI CEMENT VEGUÍN TUDELA, CEMEX (2), beer MAHOU, CITRICOS OF EDERFIL ANDARAX, BECKER KOOP, ENCE, ENSO ESCO (2), FERROGLOBE SPAIN METALS, GESTAMP (2), industries PELETERAS RESONAC GRAPHITE, SPAIN, SOLVAY QUÍMICA and ZUKAN. The resolutions adopted will involve an investment of over $307 million euros.

  • Industry | 5/24/2024

    The Government publishes the call for aid to the PERTE VEC III battery line endowed with €300 million

    This call for aid is aimed at encouraging investment in industrial production capacity of batteries for electric vehicles, their essential components as well as the production or recovery of necessary fundamental raw materials. In order to qualify for this aid, a deadline for submitting applications will begin on 17 June. It is expected that in the coming weeks the PERTE VECIII value chain will be convened, endowed with 200 million euros. In total, the third edition of the PERTE for electric and connected vehicles will have 500 million euros at its disposal.

  • Industry | 5/23/2024

    Hereu announces that the call for the PERTE VEC III battery line will be published tomorrow

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism recalled that 7 companies from Aragon have presented themselves in the call for line 1 of the PERTE for Decarbonisation. The Government has allocated more than 109 million euros to Aragonese industries in aid for electro-intensive consumers.

  • Industry | 5/21/2024

    Jordi Hereu invites Chery to appear at PERTE VEC III for the development of their investments in Spain

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism has reiterated the Government's commitment to decarbonisation as well as to the commitment to the electrification of mobility Industry will call for more than 1,700 billion euros between the third and fourth calls of the PERTE VEC, which the automobile sector will be able to opt for in order to achieve the goal of connected and sustainable mobility

  • Industry | 5/17/2024

    Hereu and Barbón agree on the need for a regulation of strategic projects to ensure that investments in Asturias

    Ambos han abordado la situación de Arcelor, y han coincidido en que la planta de reducción directa de mineral de hierro (DRI) que ha anunciado la empresa en Asturias, es un proyecto estratégico y desde el Gobierno se mantiene contacto permanente con la empresa para garantizar su viabilidad. El Ministerio de Industria está en contacto Saint-Gobain para anclar su futuro en España, ya que la multinacional francesa tiene líneas de producción en Asturias y en Cataluña. El objetivo del Gobierno es garantizar el mínimo impacto social para la plantilla. Se han presentado 11 proyectos asturianos a la primera convocatoria del PERTE de Descarbonización con una inversión total de más de 500 millones de euros. Estos proyectos conseguirían una reducción de emisiones de más de 1 millón de toneladas de CO2.

  • Tourism | 5/16/2024

    Employment in the tourism sector exceeds 2.8 M affiliated in april, following an increase of 3.1 per cent compared to the same month of 2023

    Social Security affiliates in tourism accounted for 13.3% of the total affiliates in the national economy in April. Members linked to tourism activities increased by 84,591 in the month of April, reaching 2,805,487 employed workers. The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are the Autonomous Communities that experienced the greatest increase in relative terms: 5.5% and 4.7% more, respectively. In absolute variation, the greatest increase occurred in the Community of Madrid.

  • Industry | 5/14/2024

    Industry attaches 65.4 M €LOSS of Chip two spanish companies to support projects microelectronics

    These are projects that take place companies Semidynamics (38,58 million euros), and KDPOF (26,82 million euros), which will be a total investment of eur 124 million. Subsidies will allow these two spanish companies to participate in the ‘ Important Project of common interest ’ of Microelectronics and communication technologies (IPCEI ME-TC). In the IPCEI are 14 states that will bring up to €8.1 billion of public financing for development of 68 individual projects carried out by 56 companies.

  • Industry | 5/10/2024

    Industry publishes on its website the 15 new projects approved in the line B of the LOSS VEC II with a total of 75.7 M €

    Among the beneficiaries, stresses the Stellantis Vigo, who has obtained 29.2 million euros. Another company worthy of note is that it has obtained Gestamp 34.1 million euros distributed in different plants in spain. To date of closure of the convening, on 15 september, have received a total of 138 applications with a budget set of more than eur 2.7 billion, requesting 1.211 billion from loans and grants.

  • Tourism | 5/9/2024

    Ainsa, Sos del Rey Católico, Cudillero, Mura, Pals and Casares will compete for the UN Tourism 2024 Best Tourism Villages recognition

    This distinction evaluates nine thematic areas among which sustainability is a standout in its triple aspect: environmental, economic and social

  • Tourism | 5/9/2024

    The number of workers employed in the tourism sector has increased by 7.7% compared to a year ago, surpassing 2.75 million.

    For this first quarter of 2024, there are 197,630 more employees in tourism activities than in the same quarter for 2023 24.8% of the new jobs generated in our country are related to tourism-linked activities Salaried employees in the tourism sector with permanent contracts have increased by 10.7%, the eleventh consecutive increase The temporary employment rate in the tourism sector was 14.7%, lower than that of the first quarter of last year, which was 16.9%.

  • Industry | 5/8/2024

    Jordi Hereu advances that 15 new PERTE VEC II projects have been approved for €76 million, including Stellantis Vigo and Gestamp

    Next week, Industry will launch the third PERTE VEC call for the battery line with an allocation of €300 million. The minister stated that the Government will approve the new Industry and Strategic Autonomy Act this coming July. Tourism employment figures in the Working Population Survey for the first quarter of the year indicate that there were almost 200,000 more employees in the tourism sector than last year.

  • Industry | 5/7/2024

    Industry convened by the VI edition of the national awards Industry Connected 4.0

    The deadline for the nomination expires on 18 june at 18:00 hours. The awards are convened in two modes: a large private enterprises and Smes.

  • Tourism | 5/6/2024

    Rosario Sánchez Grau sworn in as Secretary of State for Tourism

    Jordi Hereu: "With her incorporation into our team, we'll keep pushing for the sustainable transformation of the sector, doubling down on Spain's leadership in tourism." Rosario Sánchez Grau served as the Government Delegate in the Balearic Islands and as the Minister of Finance and Foreign Relations for the Government of the Balearic Islands during the 2019-2023 term.

  • Industry | 5/3/2024

    Jordi Hereu visit the factory of the group Teresa Carles Flax Kale in Bell-lloc d ’ Urgell (Lleida)

    The company leridana of healthy food has obtained 4.3 million euros in the first call for the Loss. The minister of industry and tourism recalls that Lleida is one of the epicentres of the food industry, a strategic industry is undergoing transformation, which caused through.

  • Tourism | 5/3/2024

    The spending of international tourists is growing by 27.2 per cent in the first quarter and the number of visitors increases 17.7%

    The influx of tourists to Spain over 6 million in march, 21 per cent more than the same month last year, and expenditure amounts to 8.652 million euros in the same month Every tourist spent an average of €1,363 in march, 7.3 per cent more than in 2023, and spending a day also reflects this increase, reaching 180 euros, an increase of 5.4% Hereu: “The first quarter of the year, traditionally designed as the low season, has proved to be the best of our history, with a surge in destination spending international tourists expresses climate of tourist model”.

  • Industry | 4/30/2024

    The Government creates the state observatory Private Defaults

    On a yearly basis, the observatory will prepare a report on the status of payment periods which will be presented and approved in the state council for Smes. It is estimated that the rule will have a positive impact on the economy and especially in smes, as well as on competition. The number of companies affected by the rule is estimated at 32,500.

  • Tourism | 4/30/2024

    The seats provided for in international flights to reach 11.3 million may, 13 per cent a year ago

    Comparing the number of seats in may with the data recorded to date equivalent of 2023, continued its good behaviour of the major broadcasting markets: united kingdom (+ 8%), germany (+ 13.7 per cent) and italy (+ 13.5 per cent). Hereu: “the statistics planned for may seats gives us a hint of very important how this will entail the international tourism fair in the official launch of the high season, with a substantial increase in air traffic, which for this very month presents values still better than in 2023”.

  • Industry | 4/29/2024

    Rebeca Torró: “The Government is going to make the most out of every euro of European funds to reindustrialise Spain ”

    For the State Secretary for Industry, the future of the Spanish economy involves strengthening the industrial fabric, accelerating the energy transition, the decarbonising processes, going for digitalisation and promoting our strategic autonomy. Rebeca Torró assures that the 8 billion euro budget managed by her department to reindustrialise Spain "will be distributed to strategic and transformative sectors, seeking a balance between social and territorial cohesion as well as the industrial reality of this country." Rebeca Torró emphasises that “the efficient management of European funds provides us with the opportunity to increase the competitiveness of our productive sectors as well as to lead the fourth industrial revolution”

  • Tourism | 4/29/2024

    Spain once again positions itself as one of the favourite destinations for international tourists for the summer of 2024

    Turespaña publishes the Summer Trend Reports of the main 25 markets that send tourism to Spain with data and analysis that anticipate the tourism trends of these markets Hereu: “Trends for summer invite optimism, while trying to avoid complacency. After a great winter season, not a low one, we hope to complete a second half of the year that equals and even exceeds that of 2023.” The indicators for the main tourist issuing markets such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy are showing signs of a good performance for the summer months. The increase in Spain-China connectivity for the 2024 summer season, +49.8%, is the most significant growth among competing destinations

  • Industry | 4/26/2024

    Jordi Hereu visits the Reig Jofre pharmaceutical plant in Sant Joan Despí

    This company is one of the 17 firms selected by Europe to guarantee essential drugs.  Among the facilities that the minister has visited, the new injectables plant is a particular standout for being one of the most advanced in Europe regarding pharmaceutical production.

  • Industry | 4/25/2024

    Jordi Hereu moves that the third convening of the LOSS VEC, with 500 m €, will be launched next may

    The ministry of industry and tourism has made available to the projects presented at the two calls of the LOSS VEC almost eur 1.7 million, of which eur 270 million went to projects related to the heavy vehicle. Hereu has reiterated the government's commitment to the decarbonisation and support for the electrification of the carriage of goods by road. After two years of implementation of the Plan Moves of Heavy Vehicle were 6 electric trucks to enrol in 2019 to 302 vehicles last year.

  • Industry | 4/24/2024

    Hereu announces that the future Industry Law will regulate the necessary mechanisms to ensure the supply of strategic resources such as healthcare

    The minister stresses that Spain is committed to specific European financing that ensures the production capacity and distribution of strategic resources. The Alliance will function as a consultative mechanism to determine priorities for action as well as for proposing solutions that will strengthen the supply of medicine in the EU. Spain has been fully committed to creating this partnership and will help boost industrial revitalisation within the EU.

  • Industry | 4/24/2024

    The ministry of Industry and Tourism certifies 1,000 startups in less than a year

    This is a milestone in the history of the entrepreneurship that improves the legal security offered to innovative companies. Borja Cabezón, Managing Director of ENISA: “Having reached this figure in such a short time is a collective success for the image of Spain as a leading country in entrepreneurship.”. This is a pioneering certification process in Europe, which is likewise a simple, fast and free process.

  • The Ministry | 4/23/2024

    The Government reinforces the structure of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism for the management of its programs and powers

    The State Secretariat for Industry is created, a historic demand from the industrial sectors, which directly assumes the management of the PERTE for Electric and Connected Vehicles. The PERTE Agro and Naval commissioners remain. In the Tourism area, a new General Directorate of Tourism Policies is created to strengthen management and coordinate actions in the department.

  • Industry | 4/23/2024

    The PERTE line 1 of industrial decarbonisation receives 144 projects worth €3 billion

    The food industry, the manufacturing of non-metallic mineral products and metallurgy sectors are the sectors that have presented the most projects. Catalonia, the Basque Country, the Valencian Community, Asturias and Andalusia are the communities with the most applications for aid.

  • Tourism | 4/18/2024

    Spain welcomes almost 20 million international air passengers in the first quarter, 16% more than in 2023

    The number of international air passengers is over 7.6 million in the month of March, 16.8% more than a year ago. This month, the notable growth in Poland (80.4%), Germany (22.2%), Switzerland (21.4%) and Italy (21.2%) stands out. Hereu: “The significant growth figures for air passengers in the first quarter, which include Easter, are a symptom not only of the good health of our tourism, but also of the unstoppable process of deseasonalisation of arrival flows and the end of the distinction between low season and high season that have been historically a main characteristic of this industry”.

  • Tourism | 4/17/2024

    Employment in the tourism sector increased by 6.1% in March compared to the same month in 2023, surpassing 2.7 million contributors.

    Social Security contributors in tourism accounted for 13.1% of the total contributors in the national economy in March. Salaried workers in the tourism sector increased by 7.1% this March, now representing 81.8% of the total. Balearic Islands once again experienced the largest relative increase among autonomous communities, with a 10.5% rise.

  • Tourism | 4/16/2024

    The Filloa Festival of Lestedo (A Coruña) has been declared a National Tourist Interest Festival.

    This is the ninth popular celebration to receive this recognition in the autonomous community of Galicia.

  • Tourism | 4/16/2024

    The government appoints Rosario Sánchez Grau as Secretary of State for Tourism.

    Sánchez Grau has held the position of Government Delegate in the Balearic Islands, and during the 2019-2023 legislative term, she was Minister of Finance and Foreign Relations for the Government of the Balearic Islands.

  • Industry | 4/12/2024

    Jordi Hereu announces that the second call for proposals for the Agro PERTE will be endowed with 300 million euros.

    As a novelty of this new call, the criteria will be relaxed to facilitate access to financing for more SMEs.The first call for proposals for the Agro PERTE awarded 182 million euros in grants, of which 5.8 million correspond to eight companies from Castilla-La Mancha.The government attaches absolute importance to the agri-food sector, which works daily to ensure the supply of essential products and food security, promoting reindustrialization in all autonomous communities.

  • Industry | 4/9/2024

    Jordi Hereu supports public-private collaboration for the naval sector through PYMAR

    According to the activity report of the naval construction sector in Spain, the order book reached 48 ships by the end of 2023, with a total value of 1.722 billion euros. The Naval PERTE has awarded 81 million euros among 65 projects involving 107 companies.

  • Industry | 4/9/2024

    Spain will launch a 40-million-euro aid program for the fishing and aquaculture processing sector.

    The aid, funded by the Recovery Plan, will have a limit of 2.5 million euros per year and per company, limited to 50% of the costs eligible for subsidies Spain is the leading producer of canned fish and seafood in the European Union and the second worldwide, with 1.744 billion euros in 2021. The canning industry generates around 26,000 direct jobs in Spain and represents 5.5% of the Spanish food industry.

  • Tourism | 4/4/2024

    The Parador de Ibiza faces the last phase of the works for its next opening

    The establishment will have 66 rooms and will be number 100 in the Paradores de Turismo network The total investment, between the renovation works and the conditioning works, will amount to more than 27 million euros. With this new opening, the network of Paradores de Turismo will now be present in all the autonomous communities

  • Industry | 4/4/2024

    Industry has already paid more than 4.5 billion euros from the PRTR funds, 70% of the grants awarded.

    Minister Jordi Hereu highlights that the Next Generation Funds enable the creation of new and improved industrial policy instruments to lead reindustrialization. The PERTEs (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation) help attract large investment projects to different autonomous communities and progress towards a more balanced economic model with greater social and territorial cohesion. The 123 industrial projects submitted so far to the Decarbonization PERTE propose a reduction of 5.18 million tons of CO2 emissions each year.

  • Tourism | 4/2/2024

    International tourist spending increased by 25.8% in February compared to the same month in 2023.

    Tourist arrivals in Spain reached 5 million in February, a 15.9% increase compared to the same month last year, with spending amounting to 6.747 billion euros in the same month. Each tourist spent an average of 1,347 euros in February, marking an 8.5% increase compared to 2023, while daily spending also saw a rise, reaching 173 euros, reflecting a 5.8% year-on-year increase. Hereu: “In Spain, the off-peak tourist season is now resembling a period of expansion, indicating the smoothing out of arrival patterns. This has positive implications for tourist spending and employment quality, which are less susceptible to seasonal fluctuations."

  • Tourism | 3/27/2024

    The spending of foreign tourists visiting Spain will grow by 25% in the first quarter, up to 32,000 million

    Hereu: “The figures for 2023, both in tourist arrivals and in spending at the destination, have been historic and the forecasts we have also predict a record 2024.” The planned seats on international flights for the month of April reach 10.4 million, 11.4% more than a year ago. Comparing the forecasts for the number of seats in April with the data recorded on the equivalent date of 2023, the good performance of the main issuing markets continues: United Kingdom (+8.4%), Germany (+7.1%) , Italy (+16.9%) and France (+6.4%).

  • Industry | 3/22/2024

    Stellantis (Figueruelas), Robert Bosch and Benteler, new projects approved by Industry within the B line of the PERTE VEC II

    With this new provisionStellantisFigueruelas has obtained 54.4 million euros of funding for 8 projects for the development of innovation processes geared towards the manufacturing of electric vehicles in the area of ??bodywork, technological solutions in painting and assembly. Industry has already granted StellantisFigueruelas a total of 113.5 million euros between both calls. Benteler obtains 341,964 euros for a project linked to the manufacturing of a new axle for electric vehicles. Bosch obtains 1.2 million euros for the development of two projects related to the application of power modules in the manufacturing of parts and components, as well as in research and development processes of prototypes for electric motor components.

  • The Ministry | 3/21/2024

    The EPO has published the statistical data corresponding to the 2023 Patent Index

    The European Patent Office (EPO) has published the statistical data corresponding to the Patent Index 2023, which includes the number of European patent applications filed in said office during the past year.

  • Tourism | 3/21/2024

    Nearly a thousand companies have requested aid from the Last Mile call for the digitalization of the tourism sector

    Catalonia, Madrid and Andalusia are the autonomous communities where the most companies have requested aid 805 projects have been presented for which 152 million euros have been requested

  • Tourism | 3/18/2024

    The number of international air passengers increased by 18.1% in February, surpassing 6 million already.

    Between January and February, Spain has welcomed 12.3 million international passengers, registering a significant increase of 15.5% compared to the first two months of 2023. February highlights notable growth from Poland (84.8%), Ireland (27.3%), Switzerland (24.2%), and Italy (21.4%). Hereu stated, "Any growth in absolute figures is good news, and we should add other variables such as the quality of our destinations, increasingly appreciated, which places us at the forefront of international tourists' preferences."

  • The Ministry | 3/15/2024

    The government will extend the subsidies for the PERTE VEC III to 500 million euros, which is 200 million more than originally planned.

    Jordi Hereu offers collaboration to autonomous communities (CC.AA.) and City Halls to advance in the reindustrialisation and transformation of Spain's tourism sector. Of the nearly 4.5 billion euros in grants from the first part of the Recovery Plan in industry and tourism, 56% has already been transferred to autonomous communities and local entities. The minister announces the transformation of SEPIDES into a State Business Entity to manage the new calls for PERTE under the Addendum in 2024. For the government, the future model of tourism in Spain revolves around higher quality, reducing seasonality, diversification, and creating more qualified employment in the tourism sector. Hereu has expressed his willingness to finalize the Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2030, a document that will be discussed in the Spanish Tourism Council.

  • Tourism | 3/15/2024

    Tourism employment increases by 4.9% in February compared to the same month in 2023.

    Social Security contributors in the tourism sector reach nearly 2.6 million, accounting for 12.5% of the total contributors in the national economy. Salaried workers in the tourism sector increased by 5.8% this February compared to a year ago, while self-employed workers increased by 1.2%. The Balearic Islands are the autonomous community experiencing the highest year-on-year increase in relative terms: up by 9.5%.

  • Tourism | 3/14/2024

    The XVI SICTED Forum has brought together more than 150 professionals from the tourism sector in Córdoba

    The destinations of Málaga, Murcia, Mallorca and Valencia, among others, have shared their good practices in terms of sustainability

  • Tourism | 3/13/2024

    Hereu reports that tourism employment grows by almost 5% in February to almost 2.6 million workers

    The minister highlights the rise in quality tourism employment, which has been growing uninterruptedly since June 2021, with a reduction in temporary employment rates and a greater number of employees Spain will receive 14.5 million international tourists between March and April, a period that includes Holy Week and Easter, almost 2 million more tourists than in the same period in 2023. Forecasts indicate that in these two months of 2024, tourist spending will be around 19,000 million euros, 3,700 million more than in the same months of the previous year

  • Industry | 3/12/2024

    Hereu recalls the government's firm commitment to driving the transformation of the automotive sector

    Companies based in the Basque Country such as Mercedes Benz, Irízar, Sapa, Fagor, or Basquevolt, have received more than 291 million euros from the VEC PERTE in its various calls.The minister has invited Michelin to present projects in the upcoming calls for the VEC PERTE and decarbonization PERTE.

  • Industry | 3/7/2024

    Jordi Hereu underscores in Europe Spain's strong dedication to combating corporate delinquency, which weighs heavily on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

    The Ministry of Industry and Tourism will create a State Observatory of Private Delinquency where companies that fail to meet payment deadlines to their suppliers will be published annually.For the Spanish government, it’s necessary that in reducing the payment term to 30 days, the particularities of each sector are taken into account to avoid unintended effects.Delinquency reduces the competitiveness of companies, as it increases financing costs and causes them to lose attractive business or investment opportunities.

  • Tourism | 3/6/2024

    The Secretary of State for Tourism meets with Spanish companies participating in the Travel Tech Solutions at the ITB Berlin.

    The attending companies offer solutions related to reservation management, sales channels, hotel management, multimedia platforms, or travel planners.

  • Industry | 3/6/2024

    The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) calls for the Awards for the Best Inventions Protected by Industrial Property Rights.

    For the third consecutive year, these awards will recognize the best patents and utility models granted in 2022.The call will be open until April 5, 2024, and applications can be submitted to its six categories, which include recognitions for women inventors and young inventors. The awards have a monetary value of 4,000 euros for patents and 2,500 euros for utility models.

  • Tourism | 3/5/2024

    Hereu predicts a historic Holy Week for tourism and a record in tourist spending

    Forecasts indicate that in the months of March and April 2024, tourist spending will be around 19,000 million euros, 3,700 million more than in the same months of the previous year. Spain will receive 14.5 million tourists in March and April of this year, 2 million more than in the same period of 2023. Germany is the third largest source market for tourists to Spain and the second in spending. In 2023, 10.8 million German tourists visited our country, 10.6% more than in 2022, and they spent 12.6% more. The ITB fair is one of the fundamental events in the tourism sector along with Fitur and the World Travel Market in London. This year, Spain has approximately 300 exhibitors among hotels, chains, agencies and other companies in the sector.

  • Tourism | 3/4/2024

    The amount spent by international tourists in Spain grows by 25.5% in January compared to the same month in 2023

    The influx of tourists to Spain reaches 4.8 million in January, 15.3% more than the same month last year, and expenditure amounts to 6,550 billion at the beginning of the year. Every tourist spent an average of 1,374 euros in January, 8.9% more than in 2023, and spending per day also reflects this growth, reaching 158 euros, an increase of 6%. Jordi Hereu: “Continuing growth in the number of tourists, and especially of expenditure, should serve as encouragement to continue helping the sector with policies that improve social, economic and environmental sustainability indexes”.

  • Industry | 3/1/2024

    Industry has granted close to 160 million euros in aid to the industrial sector in Tarragona since 2019

    This aid includes the 71.6 million from the PERTEs, as well as other measures to boost the industry and CO2 compensation for electro-intensive companies. The minister values the contribution of PERTE to the industrial sector of Catalonia to advance the modernization, decarbonization and sustainability of the industry. The relevance of the Tarragona petrochemical hub stands out, responsible for 25% of chemical production in Spain and 50% of all of Catalonia. Hereu assures that aid from the CO2 compensation mechanism to reduce the energy bill of electro-intensive companies will increase by 25% in 2024.

  • Industry | 2/29/2024

    Jordi Hereu announces the early resolution of €125 million in aid from the PERTE Chip microelectronics programme and announces that there will be a second call for €200 million.

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism has defended the use of Artificial Intelligence in industry and tourism to become more sustainable and competitive.He highlighted the role of ENISA in the certification of start-ups. So far, this entity under the Ministry of Industry and Tourism has certified 849 companies.With regard to tourism, the minister recalled that his department has invested more than 300 million euros in the digitalisation of this sector.

  • Tourism | 2/29/2024

    The Secretary of State for Tourism launches a personalised intelligence system for the destinations of the RedDTI network.

    This Tourism Intelligence System for Destinations (TIS Destination) is the first module of the Intelligent Destination Platform (IDP).The TIS Destination structures the data in six categories, ranging from the economy to transport, from sustainability to tourism knowledge.

  • Tourism | 2/28/2024

    Planned international seats for March reach 8.5 million, 13.6% more than a year ago.

    Comparing seat forecasts in March with those recorded at the same date in 2023, the main source markets continue to perform well: UK (+7.2%), Germany (+17.3%) and Italy (+21.6%).Hereu: "These figures confirm a good start to the year for the tourism sector, in line with the forecast for arrivals and spending, which bodes a significant improvement in the first four months of the year compared to the already historic figures for 2023".

  • Industry | 2/22/2024

    Industry awards the first 10 tractor projects of line B of the PERTE VEC II with nearly €170 M.

    The ten projects provisionally awarded in this first resolution are those of JEMA ENERGY, BASQUEVOLT, IRIZAR, NISSAN, MERCEDES-BENZ, MASATS, MUGAPE, EDSCHA BURGOS and AUTOTECH. In the coming weeks, the rest of the applications submitted in this PERTE VEC II B call will continue to be evaluated until the envelope foreseen is exhausted. Jordi Hereu: "We’re in an important process of transformation of the automotive industry in Spain. We’re the second largest producer in Europe and we want to continue to lead this industry with the electric car.

  • Tourism | 2/22/2024

    Hereu: The new UN TOURISM headquarters is an example of Spain's commitment to lead the transformation of tourism.

    The UN TOURISM building, which will occupy a space adjacent to the Palacio de Congresos and will be completed in the first half of 2025, will be a functional headquarters, with an excellent location next to the financial centre and the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.Hereu highlights Spain's global dimension as a tourist destination and the boom in long-haul markets, which place us at the head of the preferences of countries such as the USA, which are characterised by long stays and higher spending.The Minister of Industry and Tourism visits the works accompanied by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rosana Morillo, the Director General of Turespaña, Miguel Sanz, and the Secretary General of UN TOURISM, Zurab Pololikashvili.

  • Tourism | 2/20/2024

    Secretary of State Rosana Morillo participates in the informal meeting of European Union tourism ministers

    Rosana Morillo proposes a specific EU budget for tourism policy, as well as the creation of the European Tourism Agency and the European Sustainable Tourism Observatory.The Secretary of State expressed her hope that this meeting would be "an opportunity to continue working for a more sustainable and competitive tourism for all Member States”.

  • Tourism | 2/20/2024

    Spain began 2024 with an increase in international air passengers from 12.7% in january last year

    Almost 6 million international air passengers in january. Whose of Poland, Ireland, Italy and the US. The diversification of reaches a weight markets close to 30 per cent and an increase of 13.7 per cent in january last year. Jordi Hereu: “Continue to grow in tourists is good, but what is more progress in the challenge of diversification of markets and the quality of tourism, and data from today confirm this trend, which reflects the policies being pushed by the government”.

  • Tourism | 2/19/2024

    Jordi Hereu highlights the role of the hotel and catering industry in the future of a more sustainable and digital tourism

    The Ministry of Industry and Tourism considers gastronomy a strategic priority, not only for its enormous value as a tourist attraction, but also for its capacity to combat depopulation of the territory.Hereu reviewed the different lines of aid launched by the Ministry to support the sector, such as the National Plan for Food and Wine Tourism 2022-2023, with 51.4 million euros; the Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destinations, which has mobilised 1,800 million euros; and the training plan in digital skills for workers in the sector, which has distributed 54 million euros.

  • Industry | 2/16/2024

    Industry has granted more than 110 million euros in PERTE aid to the industrial sector in Navarre.

    The Minister Jordi Hereu expresses the government's desire to continue supporting the industrial sector in Navarre through the PERTE and other lines of aid.Navarre's automotive companies have received 85.2 million from the PERTE VEC, while aid from the PERTE agri-food sector totals 16.8 million and 8.4 million from the Naval sector.

  • Industry | 2/16/2024

    Industry and UNESID share their commitment to a decarbonised, sustainable steel industry

    Jordi Hereu has offered the government's collaboration with the sector to advance in the transformation process of the iron and steel industry, which is strategic for the reindustrialisation of Spain.Spain has 22 plants that produce more than 14.5 million tonnes of steel and recycle more than 10 million tonnes of scrap per year.

  • Tourism | 2/16/2024

    Tourism employment increases 4.8% in January compared to the same month in 2023

    Social Security contributors in the tourism sector exceeded 2.5 million and accounted for 12.3% of the total number of contributors in the national economy.The number of salaried workers in the tourism sector increased by 5.7% in January compared to a year ago.

  • Industry | 2/15/2024

    Jordi Hereu expresses the endorsement by the government in the automotive sector, and encourages Galicia to become a reference for the electric vehicle

    In the coming days will be the first awards L line B of VEC II individual projects of the value chain of automotive The minister stressed that one of the keys to success of tourism in Spain is to have cities such as Vigo, which from its projects has shown in the world

  • Industry | 2/14/2024

    Jordi Hereu believes that Barcelona is well positioned to become one of the touchstones of new industry in Spain

    The minister of industry and tourism has recognised the importance of having such centres for the development of this new industry, as well as achieving one of our priority aims for the Government, which is reindustrialisation

  • Industry | 2/9/2024

    The government has spent €1.7 billion on industrial policy in Galicia in the last five years.

    The Minister of Industry and Tourism invites entrepreneurs to go hand in hand with the government in the process of transforming Galician industry. Of the PERTEs announced by Industry, Galicia has obtained 108 million euros, which have reached 212 Galician companies in 89 projects.

  • Tourism | 2/8/2024

    The workers employed in the tourism sector have increased by 2.3% compared to a year ago, surpassing 2.6 million.

    The salaried employees in the tourism sector with permanent contracts (83.5%) have increased by 6.2%, marking the tenth consecutive rise.The temporary employment rate in the sector was 16.5%, a figure lower than that of the same period of the previous year, which stood at 18.6%.The unemployment rate in the sector stood at 11.3% in this fourth quarter of 2023, 0.2% lower than the same quarter of the year 2022.The employed individuals associated with activities related to tourism represent 12.6% of the total employment in the Spanish economy.Jordi Hereu said: "The tourism industry is not only growing quantitatively, but also qualitatively, with better jobs linked to the sector, lower temporary employment rates, and a higher number of salaried employees with permanent contracts."

  • Industry | 2/5/2024

    Jordi Hereu announced that have already been submitted over 100 applications to the first call for the LOSS of decarbonisation

    The minister has appealed to seize the opportunity to move forward in the industry net zero emission and europe and Spain to exercise leadership in this great transformation. Hereu has stressed that the rules of procedure to bring net zero emission incorporates incentives to improve industrial competitiveness of europe and offers more certainty for investments in clean technologies.

  • Industry | 2/5/2024

    Hereu conveys to CECOT the government's willingness to intensify dialogue to address the challenge of reindustrialization.

    Today, the minister visited the headquarters of CECOT in Catalonia, where he emphasized the fundamental role of the industry for the government and announced a joint working agenda to address the industrial challenges of the coming years. Hereu referred to the climate crisis by the drought that affects Catalonia: “it’s time to join forces and appeal to the responsibility of all to establish medium-term strategies to neutralize potential future crises.” Minister Hereu has advocated for the future Industry Act that the government is preparing as a tool that will provide better instruments to solve industrial crises.