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Economía IndustrialECONOMÍA INDUSTRIAL is an official publication, founded in 1964, which On a quarterly basis it is published within the framework of the editorial program of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism. As such, it has a clear public service aspect.

INDUSTRIAL ECONOMY, having civil society in general as its target audience, recognizes as its mission to be a forum for reflection, prescription and accountability for a better formulation of public policies within the scope of the Ministry of Industry and Tourismand other related areas, through the transfer of knowledge, experiences and opinions between the academic, business and public administration worlds < /strong>and from these to society in general, which bring them closer to practical reality at any of the stages of their cycle (analysis, design, implementation and evaluation). All this in the interest of a more transparent, participatory, informed and evidence-based process.

INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS addresses the broad spectrum of issues covered by the discipline of the same name, understood in a broad sense and from an applied perspective, whether horizontal or sectoral. In this way, its thematic areas may refer to the productive, technological, economic, competitive, regulatory, legal and social dimensions, both of the industry itself, and of the services provided based on an eminently industrial component.

See last published issue: 429 - Integrated Strategic Sectors (II)

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