Economic survey of the construction Sector

The ministry of industry and tourism through the subdirectorate General studies, analyses and plans of action of the dependent organically Technical Secretariat-General is responsible for the realization of the survey frames of the construction sector including within the National Statistical Plan.

We are also working as “Partner Institute” with the harmonized system of the european Union of surveys of enterprises and consumers. This means that the survey was carried out in accordance with a common comprehensive methodological approach, a common calendar and a common set of questions, in kind basically qualitative.

It is intended to obtain information about the current situation and on their plans and expectations for the near future and then add them and thus build indicators of confidence in the sector. The ultimate objective of which is often a monthly Rate of Economic Sentiment to the economy as a whole.

You then see the timetable for implementation of the survey as well as a monthly dossier with an analysis of results.