Registry Assistance Office - General Registry

The General Registry of serving MINTUR site without prior appointment, and through the request of cites in the implementation Book An Appointment.

According to article 14.2 of the law 39/2015, can only register documentation en format paper natural persons. Electronic Registration will continue to operate in the normal conditions


Paseo Castellana, Madrid 28046, 162

Telephone:91 349 24 31


Timetable: Monday to friday from 9 to 17:30

Summertime/daylight saving (16 june to 15 september): Monday to friday from 8 to 15

In addition to the electronic register, and exclusively to cases not covered by thearticle 14.2 of the law 39/2015it can be sent to the documentation in electronic record to the directorate of the register.

Submission of documents and communications in the records of the ministry.

In order to comply with requirements set out in the article 14.2 of the law 39/2015 on 1 october, the Administrative Procedure joint public administrations has published the instruction of the under-secretariat which establishes the following instructions:

First. Being admitted or collected, in the records of the ministry, submissions, motions and en format paper communications from individuals and entities referred to article 14.2 of the law 39/2015.

Second. In the event that any natural or legal person referred to in article submitted a request, writing or documentation in paper format, either in person or by postal mail, will be advised that the presentation should be made through electronic means. In this case, be considered as the date of submission that that was carried out the introduction by such electronic means, in accordance with article 68.4 of law 39/2015 Such submissions should be presented in the web Electronic Registration.

Third. The event of presentation of submissions, motions and electronic communications by individuals acting as “ representative ” and are not included in any of the assumptions of article 14.2 of the law 39/2015,  will be required as a prerequisite for admission accreditation for representation by valid means in law (power of attorney or document with identification and signing of representative and represented).

Instruction of the directorate on the General registry [PDF] [595KB]