Guías para la fabricación y selección de mascarillas, protección ocular y facial, guantes y ropa de protección

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¿Qué mascarilla necesito?

Qué mascarilla necesito según mi situación [PDF] [2.88 MB]6/3/2020 12:05:53 PM

Note:TheRecommendation (EU) 2021 designed to harmonize at european level the end of the implementation of recommendation (EU) 2020 403. The substance of recommendation is intended primarily for member states that had not yet determined deadlines to the use of recommendation (EU) 2020 403, and also includes instructions to the authorities of market surveillance. In the case of Spain (as well as in most member states) have already set deadlines prior to the recommendation. In particular, in the case of Spain, these were fixed in the Resolution of 28 september 2020 ”

Mascarillas de protección respiratoria (EPI)

Mascarillas higiénicas: Generalidades y preguntas frecuentes

Modelos de mascarillas higiénicas desarrollados por AITEX

Marketplace House Spain

Summary in video on the legislation of CE marking (paper at Special SICUR Covid)

Information from the national institute of health and safety at work on these aspects.