Jordi Hereu i Boher

Jordi Hereu Boher (Barcelona, 1965), is minister for industry and tourism of the government of Spain since november 2023.

Graduated in business administration from theUPC, and a masters in business administration (MBA) by the college of business administration,ESADE.

Prior to its incorporation to the government, Jordi Hereu was president of Hispasat andIdencity Consultingas well as patron of the Fòrum Foundation, adviserBCLBarcelona Logistics hub.

Between 2006 and 2011, Hereu was mayor of Barcelona, where it had previously played the posts of deputy mayor of citizen participation, solidarity and cooperation, a local councillor President of the area of security and mobility, Councillor of the district of Sant Andreu, a local councillor of the district of Les Corts and manager of district of les Corts.

Previously, Jordi Hereu Director was alsoMarketingCILSA, national Centre for Intermodal Logistics S.A, and responsiblemarketingthe project ZAL Port 200.

He is married with two children.